How quick printing & distributing Leaflet can help your local business after the Covid 19 lock down end in UK

How quick printing & distributing Leaflet can help your local business after the Covid 19 lock down end in UK

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the COVID 19 virus and the lock-down imposed by our governments across the world many large and small businesses alike are suffering and sadly some have been forced to cease trading all together.

The public have been isolating at home and many have been out of touch with what’s around them and although many people are looking forward to getting back to work and regaining normality, purchasing products from your business may not be on their immediate list of things to do once the lock-downs restrictions are lifted.

Leaflets and flyers are a great long term promotion that can showcase your business, product or service and help remind the public just who you are and what you are selling. 

Using a professional print shop can help you create and quickly print some great looking flyers and leaflets and other eye catching marketing material small businesses may need in many different designs and styles.

A study shows that in the United Kingdom 78% of the general public still prefer magazines to websites, and although it’s important for your business to have a strong website, information in a leaflet or flyer could be more accessible and taken in more readily by your target audience.

There is a huge dominance in digital marketing that’s not easily accessed by smaller businesses, and with online noise growing ever louder a tangible leaflet that you can hold in your hands can help cut through all that.

Leaflets and flyers are a very affordable and cost effective way of print advertising especially when ordered in bulk.

You don’t have to worry about space or creativity and you can fill them with information that will best communicate your message as well as offer your contact details and address thus acting the same as a business card.

 The distribution of your new leaflets and flyers can be a simple and easy process but following social distancing rules delivering face to face by knocking on doors will perhaps not be the best idea.

Please be aware that the only places you can deliver leaflets and flyers without a licence is posting through letter boxes, handing out inside a building or distributing for a charity. 

Different councils around the UK have different rules so it’s best to check with your local council at GOV.UK if unsure. 

During these hard times many people are looking for work ways of supplementing their income so finding someone to deliver your leaflets or flyers door to door may be quite simple.

Depending on the size of your business you or a family member may wish to deliver them yourself, or placing a job advertisement in the local post office or job centre window could also be beneficial. Alternatively you could contact a local newsagent in the chosen area and have them added as a supplement to other papers or magazines that are already being delivered. 

Many other marketing ideas are available from brochures and catalogues to flags, signs and business cards. If you are looking for a local print shop in London where you can print your flyers quickly and affordable price you can try Print In London. They have over 300 Google 5 star reviews.

Anything will help remind your audience of who you are and what you offer can ensure that after the government imposed lock-down restrictions on COVID 19 are lifted you may start seeing an increase in business again.

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