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In a world dominated by technology the average person is more than aware of the dangers a cybersecurity attack can pose, we rely on complicated secure networks with almost every aspect of our daily lives and in business, the risk is always advancing.

It’s commonplace now for businesses to backup valuable data which normally consists of contacts, calendars and documents but how much attention is given to how a business could operate without this valuable data in the event of a cyber attack. This risk is now being heightened due to the number of mobile devices used by the average SME and with instant communications on the move being part of our everyday hectic work lives it’s a serious issue that calls for more complicated tailored security solutions.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) part of the governments’ cyber communications monitoring arm GCHQ advises that if you are a small and medium enterprise (SME) you have a 1 in 2 chance of being a victim of a security breach with an average cost of £1400 to your business. This guidance from the modern-day communications centre of the UK’s security services would make even a seasoned pro spook like Bond nervous.

It’s not essential to be a tech guru or indeed a cybersecurity expert inside Mi5 to start an SME sized business so where does the average managing director or CEO of a larger company start when attempting to understand industry terminology buzzwords like Next-Gen Firewall, malware and ransomware on a corporate responsibility level? It seems the answer lies in hiring a full-time cybersecurity expert but this can be a daunting task.

The risk to businesses from cyber attack has never been higher especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. We are all aware of the risks when thinking about how to protect our homes from an intruder and can identify weaknesses in security more easily in that instance.

With that in mind; now imagine not being able to see the intruder, being unaware of how they can gain access and in some cases not even knowing they have already stolen valuable information, this is the reality of cybersecurity breaches and all business have a responsibility to protect their data as well as a legal obligation under GDPR regulation to protect the data of clients, customers and company financial data.

With even the least tech-savvy online consumers being used to market comparison websites that search hundreds of options to keep their beloved pet insured against any unexpected health issues or their family car insured on the road. Now the same valuable resource is available for decision-makers in businesses of all sizes who want a best fit cybersecurity solution for them with transparent estimated pricing and access to verified, quality cyber security experts and vendors.

Sanjiv Cherian Founder and CEO of CyberPal, an innovative comparison platform of cybersecurity solutions formed the company to ensure every business had an option of affordable high-end data security and be empowered to make an informed decision with readily accessible information on Cyberpal.

Sanjiv comments;

“CyberPal enables businesses to find cybersecurity solutions using CyberPal’s recommendation engine that works on our proprietary Base Rating system©. Business users can select any of the top five recommended solutions, contact vendors and may start receiving quotes in no time.

Our intel-led search tool allows users to discover, review, connect and get quotes in minutes. Users don’t have to spend ages contacting vendors anymore; qualified vendors would contact you as soon as the request is sent to them from our platform.

CyberPal is all in one platform with an intuitive dashboard to manage all your cybersecurity vendors, it Saves you time, resources and the headache that’s involved in the procuring process. The best part is it’s absolutely free!”

To discover how Cyberpal can link you to a Cybersecurity vendor that suits the needs of your business try their search tool now by visiting the companies website at

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