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Internet shutdown in Iran

According to reports, 80 Million people affected internet shutdown. The Iran government shut down the access of the internet in the whole country. The reason behind this is strikes and protests. That’s why more than four days to shut down the internet, and people can’t contact their loved ones. This also closes the highly developed domestic networks. 

The Iran government takes this step because of in response to unrest triggered by a gasoline price hike. There are dozens of business have affected through this shutdown of the internet. The 80 Million people are in this shutdown grip. They are not communicating with the world. So, this issue may cause many severe conditions nowadays. There is no chance to contact through the internet. 

While it used as a censor by government authorities to online communication. Similarly, the government of Ethiopia has also imposed longer internet shutdowns. It means that they are not in favour of the internet. Hence, the government of Russia is exerting more central control over its internet. These governments have their own opinions and conditions. They can control all the situations to see their country’s status. 

Protests in Iran

Adrian Shahbaz, research director for technology and democracy at Freedom House talks today. He said there is needed a desperate move to control all information in the country. And also, it is necessary to ensure that the government has a monopoly on information. Researcher says despite the freedom of the internet, there are more issues will create in population. Hence, the political pressure in repressive states can also isolate. 

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threaten a crackdown on protests as the Internet is shut down

However, the government says, they are using the internet shutdown right to handle the unrest. Because people share the images and videos showing police violence against protesters. Thus, the government wants to handle all the situations. The gasoline price hike and gas prices are causes of protests in Iran. But some demonstrations turned violent. Thus, the Iran government has taken this step in the whole country. 

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