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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA, 12 Nov 2021, The need for streaming services continues to climb, as are the creative ways to stream live sports content, amidst these Joker offers a VIP service providing private high-quality streams of your favorite sports events running absolutely zero. Joker brings 24/7 live sports channels to your convenience at a minimal cost of $4.99 a week, they have a wide variety of plans to fit any request, with a Joker sports streaming subscription you have access to almost everything, ranging from grand slams, PPVs, NFL, English Premier League, Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, UEFA champions league, NBA and more. The URL of Joker is  Here

Sports broadcasting is changing, until recently. OTT (over the top) streaming platforms featuring live events were few and far between. However today, as more and more opt-out to cut their cable chord spurring the popularity of streaming platforms, that is no longer the case.

Sports events were not common on “over the top” (OTT) platforms up until the last few years, viewers were forced to remain tethered to their cable subscriptions by the major sports leagues.

In many countries, appetite for live sports remains high even if the desire to attend live sports events is suppressed by the danger of the pandemic, thus depleting the revenue earned through selling tickets and passes to these events exponentially, not only that But in recent years traditional sports are facing some pretty tough times, we have seen empty ballparks and stadiums that symbolized the challenges of the past year. It gets worse when you look at the changing habits of viewers, with more than 6 million people dropping their cable subscriptions each year. 

The sports media landscape is changing with television, a prime source of sports viewing after the stadium watching, is rapidly losing to the streaming services, such as YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Joker among others. According to Dacast, sports accounts for over 40% of the overall television viewing. More and more sports federations and organizers are moving away from TV and streaming tournaments, games, competitions, and matches via the internet. The growth of the sports online live streaming market is characterized by the shifting of profit from the TV traditional programmers and distributors to digital streaming platforms. The implication of the growth of the market is noteworthy not only for the sports federations who rely on the revenue from the broadcasting rights to run their team and provide payments to players or athletes.

What makes Joker stand out among other over-the-top platforms?

The internet spectrum offers countless digital content, online sports being one of them; digitization and online streaming have changed the meaning of the entertainment world, streaming platforms for sports are a blessing for viewers, it is an attractive option as finding the right sports streaming site can be an overwhelmingly tedious task, this is where Joker comes to rescue, unlike other over the top (OTT) platforms Joker has absolutely no ads on its streams and offers smooth continuous streams without any buffering freezes that too at a very affordable price, unlike other platforms that offer poor stream qualities even after charging a huge sum for their subscriptions paired with in-stream and banner ads

Joker doesn’t even require you to download an app to access their services; you can stream sports through their website on your TV, Mobile, Tablets, Computer, and even Consoles without paying more and of course with no GEO restrictions, Not only that they also offer free High Definition streams for any NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB that is offered by no other website in the space. Visit the Joker streaming website now at Here 

How Joker did come into existence?

Joker was created 15 years ago when one of the founders was trying to watch a football game with a player who just transferred to some new team and he was not able to find any links for that online, that’s when he came up with the idea to start Joker, it started with just one computer and 1 person, now they plan to have their own stream for every sports event.

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