Lightyears Ahead: The Most Intelligent Tool for the Solar Industry

As a software company, Energy Toolbase has created some of the most unique asset monitoring products for commercial solar and energy storage developers. Their mission is to simplify and enhance solar energy developers with tools that make it easier for clients to understand, and buy into your solar energy packages.

Within this article, we’re going to be discussing Energy Toolbase’s ETB Developer, the latest and greatest way to streamline your solar sales process.

Customer Relationship Management

Having a CRM is key in making the sales process efficient and easy. With ETB Developer, you can add leads, contact information, as well as sources of the lead. You can also see the current position of the lead in the sales process, and if the lead has been sent a proposal.

With a cleaner, smoother CRM, you’ll be able to find clients easily, see where they currently are in the sales process, and other significant points in how you will provide a solution for your client’s solar energy needs.

Proposal Building

Your proposals can be tagged with key points such as sector, tax status, and the tax rate of both federal and state taxes. This can be extremely handy, as you can build proposals up within the hour, and give feedback directly to your client without hassle.

You can create an energy use profile for your client as well, by selecting their utility provider, current rate schedule, and overall energy use. What separates ETB Developer from other proposal building tools is that you can also easily select applicable incentives for your client, from ETB’s solar and storage database.

Once all those categories are filled, you can then add PV systems that are interoperable with PV generation calculators. This takes all the guesswork out while giving your client a detailed description of what they can save by switching to solar energy for their business.

Furthermore, you can use the ETB Optimizer to show your client what would be the optimal system size, to match their solar and budget needs.

If all these features weren’t enough, you can also add Energy Storage System details into your proposal as well, which is also integrated with several leading storage hardware providers. When all of the numbers are crunched down in how much the client can save by switching to solar and by showing them how you are the best company to work within doing so, you can also display transaction details, from loans to upfront payment.

Once everything is set and done, you can then export your beautiful proposal into PDF format, to send to your excitedly waiting client.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking for a proposal builder that is intelligent, streamlined, with plug-and-play capabilities, look no further than the ETB Developer. It’s trusted by more than 1,200 of the leading solar energy companies around the nation.

Make life easier on your solar energy company and those who help you sell, by giving them a tool that will help beat out competitors by racing away, lightyears ahead.

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