Mackenzie Couch: Celebrity and Scholar

World, meet Mackenzie Couch, a rare mix of ultra-successful child star and passionately dedicated student. 

Being a child star today is a very rare and very challenging thing. If you’re in the position of being a child celebrity, it’s great! You’re visible to millions and influencing the world. What could be better?

However, when combining the natural challenges of being a child or teenager in general in today’s society with the grueling added layers of being a celebrity, it can be challenging. And, this is on top of the need to develop a solid education!

For Mackenzie Couch, she’s spent years refining her lifestyle of constant practice, acting, dance, time with family, and not at all in the least, education. 

Being a celebrity takes significant work, planning, and much more, and sometimes education is pushed by the wayside. Many child stars have a difficult time adjusting to the demands placed on them, and it’s easy to lose track of education. Not only have Mackenzie and her family maintained a priority for education; she still fully attends school while doing high-level work for TV shows such as Modern Family and Fresh Off the Boat.

Regarding her experience with some of TV’s biggest shows, Modern Family and Fresh Off The Boat, Mackenzie herself explains,

“Filming both of those shows was an amazing experience. Modern Family was such a funny scene that it took awhile to get and Fresh Off The Boat was so good that I was just invited back for another episode.”

Mackenzie Couch is a quickly rising talent on many of TV’s most popular shows on major networks viewed by millions, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media (her Instagram page alone boasts over 200,000 active followers).

Mackenzie hasn’t let her incredible success go to her head, and she has found ways to keep education her primary focus while giving her all to her numerous career opportunities. 

Her mother, Christie, explains,

“We moved to LA when Mackenzie was just 10 years old. She signed with an agency right away. Since then she has danced in music videos for Nia Sioux and has appeared in 2 episodes of Fresh Off The Boat, has also appeared on Modern Family, Our People, and the HBO series, Insecure. She was SAG-eligible at the young age of 12 years old. Mackenzie attends the very prestigious Orange County School Of The Arts full-time in the commercial dance conservatory. Mackenzie and her sisters just appeared on the cover of The Teen Magazine and have another cover coming out in December.”

Mackenzie and her parents have made sure that no matter how high her career opportunities go, education will be a priority. Many child celebrities put off education in favor of a career, which can have negative repercussions. But Mackenzie will have no problem being prepared for whatever life throws at her, with a strong support and foundation in her talents and her educational background. The sky’s truly the limit.  

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