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Top 15 amazing science facts that will blow your mind

15 amazing science facts

It’s a fact that learning is a continuous process and not an event. The most knowledgeable individuals world-over don’t get comfortable with the information they already know, but continuously add to that pool by reading or watching new things. 

The world as we know it contains a lot of things, and it’s not possible to exhaust everything in terms of learning over the short lifespan that characterizes our life. If you are looking for more interesting facts use coursework help online to receive it. So, what entails some of the most incredible facts that you possibly don’t know?

Incredible Science Facts to Surprise Your Friends With

  • Babies have approximately a hundred bones more than adults do. An adult has two-hundred and six bones compared to three hundred bones babies have at the time of birth. Most of the bones have cartilage between them to increase the baby’s flexibility and ability to pass through during delivery. But some of the bones fuse as the baby develops.  
  • Increase of the Eiffel tower by fifteen centimeters in the summer. Every matter in solid, liquid, and gaseous form expands and contracts with temperature changes at any given time, though with varying degrees. It’s mainly known as thermal expansion.
  • The Amazon forest accounts for twenty percent of the globe’s oxygen production. The atmosphere within planet Earth consists roughly of twenty-one percent of oxygen, with plants primarily producing the oxygen animals utilize during the day. As such, the Amazon forest, considering its size and vegetation mass, accounts for almost all the oxygen produced on the planet.   
  • The high reactivity of some metals see them explode when they come into contact with liquid water. It includes sodium, potassium, cesium, rubidium, and lithium, which oxidize immediately they get exposed to air to gain stability. 
  • Only one teaspoon of a neutron star can weigh six billion tons. It refers to the remnants of a big star that self-destructs upon inactivity and collapses its core from its gravity to form the super-dense star.  
  • Hawaii drifts seven and a half centimeters closer to Alaska each year. Tectonic plates constantly move, and Hawaii sits on the Pacific tectonic plate that slowly drifts towards the North-American one.  
  • Minute plankton fossils in their trillions make up chalk. Chalk deposits formed as a result of the compression pressure of sediments that build up over coccoliths produced by coccolithophores.
  • Life on Earth won’t exist in two billion, three hundred million years because it will get too hot. Scientists predict that the distance between the earth and the sun will reduce as time goes by, and in about two billion years, the sun will evaporate the earth’s water mass and eventually engulf the earth in entirety. 
  • Infrared cameras almost don’t detect polar bears. Polar bears have an unrivaled ability to conserve heat due to their blubber and fur coat that proves extremely dense. As such, thermal detectors can hardly spot their heat map due to the little heat polar bears lose.
  • Light from the sun takes four-hundred and ninety-nine seconds to reach the planet earth.
  • When you empty the atom’s space, then the human race can fit within a sugar cube’s volume.
  • Your stomach’s acid potency can dissolve an item like stainless steel.
  • The planet earth’s core composition creates a magnetic field that then turns the globe into a gigantic magnet.
  • Its only planet Venus that spins clockwise, unlike all other planets that spin anti-clockwise.
  • The acceleration of a flea can exceed that of a space shuttle.


It’s amazing to ponder on these brilliant facts that you hardly knew before reading this article. See, you’ve already added to your knowledge pool through this.

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