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More than 1,000 Child Victims of Exploitation in 2019 

New investigation shows more than four thousand victims in 2019. They arrested in the case of child exploitation. According to the new data obtained by The Associated Press; there are more than one thousand identified. The offenders post the images with children. That’s why investigators exposed them and identified with the ease.  

Matt Wright, the chief for the Child Exploitation Investigations Unit said; the content is growing more frequent and more horrific day by day. Hence, the dark web becomes the cause of this. So, the US provides authorities to investigation units. They give a task their agents to catch money, drug smuggling or child sex trafficking. 

The HSI is a division of U.S. Immigration that control all the investigation units. The Customs Enforcement also included in their task. They also control the cyber crimes that come from foreign areas. Their agents work as well and complete their tasks with full passion. 

HSI investigators Wright tweets

Similarly, the president of the investigation unit told that they investigate anything that comes in and out of the border. This is their job and they performed well. In their investigation, they realized that the children become victims of the crisis. That is absolutely wrong and became the cause of increases cybercrime with ease. 

It puts the bad impression on youth generation. The investigation team also verified that the younger children included in smuggling. Hence, the victims get a heavy amount of this task. According to the record, the child crimes are higher from Oct. 1, 2018, to Sept. 30, 2019. This is the higher record overall than for the previous few years. It means that it increased day by day. Thus, younger children involved in this crime more than before. 

However, according to the data, HSI’s focused on immigration enforcement. They want to decrease all the crimes as soon. That’s why they do efforts more and more. So, hope that they will get success in their all steps. It will be a huge pleasure for all of us. 

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