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Moving the Huawei’s Research Center from the U.S to Canada

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Latest reports we received from the U.S. The Huawei’s CEO decided to move the research Center from the U.S to Canada. It is necessary because of some critical activities. Ren told that the company will also manufacture some mobile network equipment outside China.

Ren Zhengfei, (the founder of the Chinese telecoms equipment maker) said, the company wants to shift their plans. This can be helpful to contact Canadian residents. This plan will really work on the entire world as well. More we found that the U.S is weighing expanding its power to stop more foreign shipments of products with U.S technology to Huawei. 

On Friday Ren’s remarks came as Reuters reported that they want to move on Canada. So, it is a big decision. And they hope that it will get success. But it may be complicated or not. This decides the time when they do all the things as their thoughts. However, the U.S Commerce Department in May placed Huawei on a trade blacklist. 

Canada should listen to intelligence community when deciding on Huawei

The U.S commerce department does that because of citing national security concerns. Now it’s true that the Huawei‘s “centre for research and development will be moved out of the U.S as soon. And it will relocate to Canada because to follow some latest mobile network activities. The company’s owner will open the 5th Generation network there. It will beneficial for him and his company also. 

This step is also to save his company from the fear of U.S allegations. Also, gets the benefits from its product could be used by China for spying. On the other hand, the company was not available to reply to any comment on Rin’s interview. More is that the firm has previously denied it is a risk to U.S. national security. 

Huawei CEO plans to move research centre from the U.S to Canada
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