Nurse Staffing Agency-Find a Nurse for Your Staffing Agency

Nurse Staffing Agency-Find a Nurse for Your Staffing Agency

When designing and implementing your own recruitment proposal or URP, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:

• The URP must be unique to the temp agency San Francisco.

• Must be strong enough to excite the candidate and get them to talk about your agency.

• Do not easily imitate or copy by competitors.

It’s easy to claim that you have the best agency, and anyone can claim that they can provide the best service to potential candidates. “The best medical staffing company to work”. Do you think this is reliable? Of course not.

It is common and there is no viable means to measure and test it. This is an unaccountable empty promise, and your audience is much more sophisticated than that. Such URPs can, in fact, do more harm than support the hiring business.

Your URP really needs to influence the candidates in your perspective.

Let’s look at some good examples:

“Guaranteed, full-time 40 hours a week”

The above is a powerful URP. As you can see, you can actually measure it and hold your business accountable. The company actually guarantees that candidates work 40 hours a week.

Can you imagine what this would do for a temporary agency? It will put it on the head and shoulders rather than the competition.

Many healthcare agencies often wonder why URP is needed. They wonder what’s wrong with just providing shifts to candidates.

The fact is that if you are unique, you are almost certain to stay away from your competition. It’s also true that medical staffing agencies that don’t have a URP are going out of business, as is the case with 50% of most medical staffing agencies.

Let me give you an example:

Local companies have begun calling for prospective candidates in the surrounding area, hoping to find candidates to fill the shift. The current market share is divided among 12 medical staffing companies, each attacking the market with recruitment. Supply and demand have increased the candidate’s wage rate, making it impossible for medical staffing agencies to profit from the candidate. The new medical staffing agencies did not have a URP and could not compete in this market with the dollar alone. Therefore, their recruiting activities were hampered by this common and annoying problem.

The fact is that the odds are really against you, as you are no different than any other agency that makes recruitment sales calls to future candidates.

Having an effective URP today allows you to compete in markets with a history of offering higher wages with less customer service. Your candidates will find that they can make more money by working for a medical staffing agency, but that doesn’t keep them or work for you.

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