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QuiverX: xEarn Yield-Farming Protocol

xEarn Yield Farming Protocol is a fair launch, community driven, decentralized platform. Each person who provides liquidity, thereby contributing to the QuiverX / xEarn ecosystem, will have the opportunity to earn rewards equivalent to their contribution to the platform.


Fair and Reliable:​ xEarn aims to create a level playing field, offering participants an equal opportunity to prosper. There will be no presale, no early farming, and no developer wallets so that everyone involved can benefit.

Community Driven and Supported:​ It takes a strong community for an up-and-coming project to be successful, and a strong community can only be built when the support goes both ways. xEarn will be structured in a way that gives back to the community more than it asks in return, by dividing a large portion of its fees amongst liquidity providers and using additional available resources to enhance the platform.


Defi can be hard to understand. This leaves many users out of the loop. xEarn aims to clarify the process by offering easy-to-follow guidelines.

By depositing Ethereum along with an equal value of xEarn or QRX into its respective Uniswap Liquidity pool you will receive a UV-2 token.

UV-2 tokens will be deposited on the xEarn Platform.

You can deposit USDT / USDC by itself, directly into the xEarn yield farming contract.

You will also be able to deposit a quiverX/ xEarn pair into Uniswap and receive an LP token to acquire xEarn.

Rewards will be distributed in xEarn Tokens, which will be the governance token for the QuiverX/xEarn ecosystem — and easily traded on Uniswap.

Farming Pairs ​(rewards per week / per pool)

xEarn / Eth UNISWAP LP pair : (10% of withdrawal goes to treasury)

Week 1–2 : Eth/xEarn -1363.62

Week 3–6: Eth/xEarn — 681.84

Week 7–12: Eth/xEarn — 454.56

Week 13–20: Eth/xEarn — 340.92

quiverX/xEarn Yield-Farming Pair (10% of withdrawal goes to treasury)

Week 1–2 : QuiverX/ xEarn— 454.54

Week 3–6: QuiverX / xEarn— 227.27

Week 7–12: QuiverX/xEarn — 151.52

Week 13–20: QuiverX/ xEarn — 113.64

quiverX / Eth UNISWAP LP pair (10% of withdrawal goes to treasury)

Week 1–2 : Eth/QuiverX — 340.92

Week 3–6: Eth/QuiverX — 170.45

Week 7–12: Eth/QuiverX — 113.63

Week 13–20: Eth/QuiverX — 85.22

USDT Token (10% of withdrawal goes to treasury)

Week 1–2 : USDT — 170.46

Week 3–6: USDT — 85.22

Week 7–12: USDT — 56.81

Week 13–20: USDT — 42.61

USDC Token (10% of withdrawal goes to treasury)

Week 1–2 : USDC — 170.46

Week 3–6: USDC — 85.22

Week 7–12: USDC— 56.81

Week 13–20: USDC — 42.61

Treasury: 0x640c3064CB05213f9Aebc180795bBD84AaA15a69

xEarn total supply: 20k

Farming to last for: 20 weeks

Start time : 10–24–2020 6:00pm UTC

xEarn Incentives

In order to incentivize holders and community, xEarn will be implementing a tiered reward system focused on giving back to Liquidity providers within the QuiverX / xEarn ecosystem.

This will be done by increasing farming rewards in the xEarn / QuiverX reward pools, as described above.

In addition, there will be a 10% fee on removing or selling liquidity and those fees will be held in the xEarn treasury. This will increase the time liquidity providers remain in each pool and deter individuals from entering and exiting at random.

The treasury will allocate 75% of xEarn rewards to be distributed amongst the remaining liquidity providers at the end of each month.

5% of fees will be allocated to the xEarn Grant program, which will be a fund dedicated to rewarding members of the community who contribute talent or services to the protocol and are recognized by their peers for their service, or who successfully recommend a new business that meets all our requirements and officially lists on our platform. The amount received will be proportionate to their contribution and decided by the community’s governing body.

The remaining 20% of the fees will be deposited into the xEarn DAO fund and used to implement community-driven proposals.

These Liquidity incentives will be distributed 60% to xEarn liquidity providers, 30% to QuiverX liquidity providers, 5% to USDT providers, and 5% to USDC providers.

Furthermore, persons holding xEarn will be able to receive up to 10% additional staking rewards on their QuiverX staking for each xEarn they have, up to 10 xEarn or more.

​Example​: 7 xEarn would get you an additional 7% staking rewards. This means that if you happen to be in the 3-month staking pool and the APY is originally 18%, by holding 7 xEarn you would be getting 25% APY on your 3-month staking agreement.

Holders of 10 xEarn or more will also have their fees reduced when entering or exiting investment opportunities on the QuiverX platform, or when listing a business on the platform.


xEarn Governance Program aims to provide an organized and effective way for the community’s voice to be heard and implemented through careful consideration.

xEarn holders will be able to vote on available listings on the QuiverX platform and suggest them as the featured monthly community listing.

These community listings will hold 1 out of 5 premier advertisement spaces featured on the front page of the QuiverX website, which will help drive the adoption of community-favored projects.

xEarn holders with 100 or more xEarn and a minimum of 1,000,000 QRX will be able to vote for additional farming pools and rewards after the first 20-week farming period has completed.

Additionally, xEarn holders will be able to submit proposals for development upgrades and marketing that will be paid for by the xEarn treasury.

Community members who contribute to the xEarn / QuiverX ecosystem will also be eligible to receive special rewards from the xEarn Grant fund.


Questions? Send us a message on Telegram:

@Y0giJi/ Ivan

@Smadaekim/ Mike



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