Pudgy Penguins Mobile Game to Launch on Mythos Chain in 2025


  • Pudgy Penguins, an Ethereum NFT project, is partnering with Mythical Games to create a AAA mobile game.
  • The game will launch in 2025 on the Mythos Chain, a Polkadot-based gaming network.
  • Mythical Games is known for developing successful blockchain games like NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party.
  • The game will draw upon the lore and humor of the Pudgy Penguins characters while offering high-quality gameplay and accessibility.
  • Pudgy Penguins holders will receive exclusive content and have the opportunity to provide feedback during the game’s development.

Pudgy Penguins, the beloved Ethereum NFT project known for its colorful and quirky characters, has announced a  partnership with Mythical Games to develop a AAA mobile game.

The collaboration brings together the creative force behind the Pudgy Penguins IP and the expertise of Mythical Games, a studio renowned for developing successful blockchain games such as NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party.

The upcoming mobile game, set to launch in 2025, will be built on the Mythos Chain, a Polkadot-based gaming network spearheaded by Mythical Games.

With over one million active wallets, the Mythos Chain provides a robust platform for the game to reach a wide audience of players.

Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that the combination of Pudgy Penguins’ growth strategy and Mythical Games’ gaming expertise sets the project up for success.

The game aims to capture the essence of the Pudgy Penguins brand, drawing upon its lore and humor while delivering high-quality gameplay and accessibility.

John Linden, co-founder and CEO of Mythical Games, highlighted the importance of strong communities and great gameplay in the evolving world of Web3 gaming.

He noted that Pudgy Penguins has achieved mainstream success through partnerships with major retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as its growing social media presence.

Linden believes that the collaboration between Pudgy Penguins and Mythical Games will further push Web3 adoption among mainstream consumers.

In the lead-up to the game’s release, Pudgy Penguins holders will be treated to exclusive content, sneak peeks of in-game footage, and opportunities to help shape key aspects of the game’s development.

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