Food Rescue World: Blending Gaming and Charity in The Sandbox Metaverse


  • The Sandbox and Food Angel have launched ‘Food Rescue World’, a gaming experience in The Sandbox metaverse to raise awareness about food conservation and help those in need.
  • Players can complete virtual quests to understand the food rescue process and earn coupons from local partners to directly support Food Angel’s initiatives.
  • Food Angel rescues 45 tonnes of edible surplus food each week, producing over 20,000 nutritious meals and distributing over 11,000 meals and food packs daily.
  • The Sandbox supports various charitable causes worldwide, and Food Angel joins organizations such as UNICEF, the French Red Cross, Nori, and WeForest.
  • The partnership showcases the potential of “Metaverse for Good”, where virtual worlds are used to make a significant impact on real-world charitable causes.

The Sandbox, a prominent decentralized gaming virtual world and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has joined forces with Food Angel, a Hong Kong-based charity, to launch the Food Rescue World gaming experience within The Sandbox metaverse.

This groundbreaking partnership, announced on May 31, 2024, marks Food Angel as the first social enterprise or non-governmental organization (NGO) in Hong Kong to venture into The Sandbox, highlighting the potential of using virtual worlds to make a tangible impact on real-world charitable causes through the “Metaverse for Good” initiative.

In celebration of World Food Rescue Week 2024, players are encouraged to explore Food Rescue World within The Sandbox and assist Food Angel’s mascot, Rice Boy, in completing a series of virtual quests.

These quests involve collecting surplus food from markets, processing it in a central kitchen, and distributing meals to underprivileged families.

Through this immersive metaverse experience, players gain a deeper understanding of the food rescue process while raising awareness about the importance of food conservation and sharing surplus food with those in need.

By successfully completing all quests in Food Rescue World, players can earn coupons from local partners Lalamove and Maxim’s, enabling them to directly support Food Angel’s initiatives.

Ms. Gigi Tung, founder of Food Angel, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

“By utilizing the power of the metaverse to expand our reach to the next generation, we hope to build a deep collaboration with The Sandbox. This innovative approach provides a new way to promote and ensure a sustainable future for our cause.”

The Sandbox Hong Kong team, along with their Trusted Partners GoGoBox and Chord Hero, recently visited Food Angel’s kitchen to prepare food ingredients and meal boxes, fostering a hands-on collaboration that bridges virtual and real-world efforts.

Food Angel, launched in 2011 by the Bo Charity Foundation, operates a food rescue and food assistance program with the mission of “Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love”.

The program rescues edible surplus food from various sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items are prepared as nutritious meals in central kitchens and distributed as food packs to underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. Currently, Food Angel rescues 45 tonnes of edible surplus food each week, producing over 20,000 nutritious meals and helping distribute over 11,000 other meals and food packs daily, free of charge, to those in need of food assistance.

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is an immersive metaverse platform that allows users to play, create, and monetize unique experiences alongside their favorite brands, IPs, and celebrities across various aspects of culture.

The platform leverages Web3 technologies to enable end-user creation and creator economies, providing both players and creators with true ownership of their assets, creations, and rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, stated,

“We are proud that The Sandbox team, creators, and players can get involved in Hong Kong Food Angel and make a difference in the lives of local people in need by taking part in the Food Rescue World experience.”

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