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Real Estate Investment set for disruption as Dynasty Global introduces a new crypto

Funds from token sale will be used to purchase ultra-premium real estate assets and use profits earned from the properties to repurchase coins from the market, hence increasing token scarcity

Dynasty Global has set the pace for real estate disruption by introducing a new crypto. The D¥NS token has  reference on real estate market which brings more solidity and credibility to the crypto market. D¥NS is linked to high-end properties owned by Dynasty Global in major cities of the world.

The development comes at a time when blockchain ecosystem is witnessing an emergence of many tokens that aren’t referenced to any concrete assets in the real world. Referencing a token to tangible assets boosts confidence of the prospective token buyers.

The CEO, Eduardo Carvalho, stated, ‘By linking D¥NS with real estate, we bring more solidarity to the market.’ The company has issued a total of 21 million D¥NS tokens which will be released in 4 annual tra nches of 5,250 million tokens from July, 2021 when the public offering starts. The objective of the company is to use the funds generated from token sales to acquire more ultra-premium real estate properties. Furthermore, proceeds from the properties will be used to buy back D¥NS from the market and burn them, therefore taking those tokens out of circulation. This move aims to create scarcity in the market.

Eduardo Carvalho and Fabio Asdurian, founders of Dynasty Global, chose Zug in Switzerland as the company’s headquarters. Zug is also referred to as Crypto Valley because it’s the home of important blockchain projects. Crypto businesses in this area are dedicated to observing crypto rules that govern decentralized technologies.

The company has hired a team of highly experienced individuals in various fields, such as technology, real estate, marketing, legal and banking to help it in attaining its objectives.

Dynasty has already acquired its first ultra-premium real estate property in the most prestigious financial centre of Latin America, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is evaluating other properties in major cities, including New York, London, Seoul and Singapore.


Blockchain technology has experienced an explosion of multiple coins that are designed to achieve different objectives. However, the sector lacks tokens referenced to tangible assets in the real world. So, the introduction of D¥NS  has jolted the market as the token is referenced to real estate.  The token has other perks, like following KYC procedures when recruiting participants and token buy-back & burn process to enhance scarcity.

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