The KASPA Killer Has Arrived: BlockDAG Presale Nears $2M as Solana Competitor Pandoshi Presale Comes to an End

The crypto market is high on positivity due to the approvals that the SEC gave on the 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs. Against this backdrop, Pandoshi, an alleged Solana competitor, just winded up its presale with the possibility of becoming a potential pioneer in Web 3. In the meantime, BlockDAG Network, a next-generation hybrid consensus mechanism, is creating a frenzy among investors based on its innovative features and enticing ROI propositions. The presale is surging quickly, nearing a $2 million mark within no time as crypto investors take interest in the project.

More Than $2.2 Billion Inflows in Spot Bitcoin ETFs

More net inflows have been recorded into spot Bitcoin ETFs in the previous weeks compared to the first four weeks of trading. According to statistics from Bitcoin tracking platform Apollo, 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs have received inflows of 43,300 Bitcoin in the past week. In contrast, it took the funds 20 days to collect 42,000 Bitcoin inflows.

Retail and institutional investors looking for inflation protection and diversification are drawn to the 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs that the SEC has approved, On the other hand, Spot bitcoin ETFs will bring in a stream of investors to the entire crypto market, with the possibility of driving more demand for other coin presales, like BlockDAG and Pandoshi, making presales more profitable, Later on, we might see new investors looking for the best presale crypto 2024.

A Solana competitor, Pandoshi, is Nearing The End of Its Presale

Pandoshi and Solana are two powerful coins in decentralized finance. SOL has shown to be a developer-focused blockchain with utility comparable to Ethereum. In the meantime, Pandoshi; a Solana competitor, is actively attracting newcomers to the cryptocurrency space with simple payment methods. Investors should keep a careful eye on these ascending altcoins in 2024 as there is potential for multiple winners in Web 3.

Moreover, Pandoshi (PAMBO) has accomplished a significant milestone by finishing the fourth stage of its presale and simultaneously releasing its eagerly awaited DeFi Wallet. This achievement, which combines cutting-edge technology with strategic insight, represents a turning point in the project’s trajectory. On the other hand, the Pandoshi presale is broken down into five stages.

Why Is BlockDAG Hyped As The Best Presale Crypto 2024?

With the rapid growth of the crypto-centred financial system, The Proof-of-work technology used by Bitcoin has indicated a need for innovation. And then Kaspa came out, a proof-of-work cryptocurrency that employs the GHOSTDAG technology for quicker confirmation times than Bitcoin.

Even as Kaspa adds more capability to proof-of-work architecture, there are still limitations in terms of speed and decentralization, which affects scalability, On the other hand, BlockDAG’s next-generation hybrid consensus technique provides faster transaction validations without sacrificing security, building on the strong DAG protocol, making it a true Kaspa killer.

Not to mention that with its four unique revenue streams—the Coin Investment Strategy, Mobile Mining Convenience, Dedicated Miner Units, and Trade Miners option post-presale—BlockDAG gives investors a diversified portfolio that reduces risk and offers flexibility in the cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, the BlockDAG presale is now open. The success of batch 1 of the presale by raising $1 million in less than 24 hours puts BlockDAG as the best presale crypto 2024, Investors rush towards batch 2 as they truly believe in the potential of BlockDAG to be used for cutting-edge smart contract functionality, unique wallet technologies, and innovative applications that can take advantage of its solid technological foundations.

In conclusion, BlockDAG puts itself at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation by debuting in less than six months. The fast implementation guarantees that all stakeholders, including developers, investors, and regular users, can quickly leverage the platform’s potential. While others ideate and plan, BlockDAG delivers.

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