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Search engine optimization is a field that never stands still. Changes in SEO tend to be influenced by parallel changes occurring in the practices of search engine providers. Google is the largest search engine provider, and naturally, the changes made by this massive company have a huge impact on the broader SEO world. Here is a summary of some of the most important news in SEO this year. 

Slow Profits for Google

Google’s profits have plummeted by 27 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2022. This has led the company to ditch several significant projects to sure up the ship. This does not mean that Google is becoming a less globally prevalent company. SEO experts will tell you that 94 percent of organic site traffic still flows through the search engine giant. Some commentators blame the fall in profits on Google’s tendency to invest in projects that appear to be far outside of its wheelhouse. Google’s massive investments can sometimes temporarily make dents in its ability to bring in money. 

Google Shopping Searches Get More Visual

Google shopping is an immensely useful tool for consumers and vendors alike, linking consumers to related products without requiring them to navigate beyond the search page. Google has made it clear that images are going to be more important when ranking shopping results. SEO professionals and eCommerce owners need to be even more vigilant than before: adding metadata-rich images in large numbers. 

Mobile Compatibility Is King 

Over 50 percent of the world’s browsing is completed using mobile devices. This figure is set to rise as mobile devices become even more ubiquitous. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that mobile compatibility is seen as an immensely important aspect of SEO in 2022. Every competent SEO company advises clients to ensure that their website is just as usable on a tiny mobile screen as it is on a desktop monitor. 

Make sure that all the information available to desktop and laptop users is available to mobile users. If Google detects that there is a discrepancy between the content of one or another, then this will impact search ranking. 

Google Announces Local Search Updates 

At the annual Search On conference this year, Google announced 7 changes to their local search feature that will undoubtedly alter how people use the search engine to explore the real world. The most significant changes that will catch the eye of SEO professionals are:

Searching for Specific Dishes

Search engine users are now able to find a restaurant by searching for a specific dish. SEO professionals working for restaurants should put special emphasis on listing each dish using keywords to make the most of this new feature. 

Vibe Check

Google is introducing a new ‘neighborhood vibe’ feature in which a local area is summed up to users through a display of exciting landmarks and institutions. It is yet to be revealed how institutions and landmarks become included in these summaries, but good SEO will likely play a role. 

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