Three Tips for Helping Your Parents in Their Silver Years

Three Tips for Helping Your Parents in Their Silver Years

When your parents reach a certain age, towards the end of their lives, they begin to require a little more care and attention. After so long providing for you and seeing that you grow into a responsible and well-rounded adult, it’s time for you to give back to them, ensuring that your parents are comfortable and happy in their silver years. In this short piece, you’ll learn three tips to really help you plan a comfortable last stage in your parents’ happy lives.


The key to getting your elderly parents the care that they require is good communication. Without this key component of your relationship, and your sensitivity to their changing needs and their declining independence, you’ll not be able to have those difficult conversations that involve recommending they move house, change their home to make it more accommodating to elderly residents, or consider an old people’s care home.

Whether you have a close relationship with your parents, or you are less close with them and yet you feel duty bound to help them towards the end of their lives, make sure that you’re having conversations about how comfortable and happy they are – and how you might be able to help them lead a happier and more contented life.


The big concern, when parents age, is that they’ll find it increasingly difficult to look after themselves. In later life, your parents are more likely to develop illnesses, diseases or frailty which can make it difficult for them to operate totally independently. In these scenarios, you have a few options when it comes to where and how they choose to live.

Perhaps the safest and the most convenient option is a care home such as Sunrise at George Mason, which will cater to all of your parents’ needs in a warm, welcoming environment. You can trust such homes to provide care and assistance where it’s necessary for your relatives. Meanwhile, you might consider a live-in nurse, a visiting nurse, or adaptations to your parents’ current home – helping them to live a safer and more comfortable life in their later years.


As parents age, their lives become smaller. They retire from their jobs, they lose their friends, and they stop pursuing their hobbies – some of which they’ll have enjoyed taking part in for decades. All of this results in a smaller social life, and your parents will slowly begin seeing only their closest family members as part of their shrunken social circle.

It’s therefore your duty and your privilege to visit your parents regularly in their later life, ensuring that they’re well catered-for, and feel loved, when their lives start to decelerate. If you have children yourself, your parents will be thrilled to see them – and this is an important part of both their lives and the lives of their grandchildren, connecting different generations of your family in a loving and care-free environment. 

There you have it: the three tips you should always bear in mind when you’re caring for ageing parents that are likely to need increasing levels of care and attention in their later lives.

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