Visitors to ‘Dubai Active’ Earn by Walking, Thanks to Limoverse

Visitors to Dubai Active Show, one of the biggest fitness and wellness shows in the world, were in for a huge surprise when they earned money just from walking inside the exhibition centre.  The show that was hosted at Dubai World Trade Center and ended on October 30, had more than 20,000 people visiting over three days. Visitors had to just download the Limoverse app, available on Play Store and App Store and walk through the exhibition arena and reach the Limoverse Fitness Stage to claim their Limo crypto tokens from Limoverse, the world’s first blockchain based health and wellness ecosystem and metaverse. Limo is an ERC 20 token from Limoverse and soon going to be listed in all the major crypto exchanges.

This unique offering by Limoverse, which took thousands of visitors to the Dubai Active event by surprise, was part of the launch promotion of their HealthFi project, which is the first project to roll out from this first ever complete wellness ecosystem built using blockchain technology.

Limoverse provides a global platform for health and wellness practitioners and institutions to provide their services and products to wellness seekers from around the world. In addition it rewards the users for staying fit and healthy through five different gamified projects.

HealthFi is the first among these projects which was launched at Dubai Active Show. Through HealthFi, Limoverse is making a powerful entry into the fast growing Move-to-Earn market.  Those who participate in the HealthFi project need to buy a Sneaker NFT, from the wide collection provided by Limoverse.

Based on the features and earning potential of the Sneaker NFTs, their prices vary in the Limoverse NFT marketplace  One needs to activate the HealthFi project in the Limoverse app and then walk, jog or run to earn points, which get converted into Limo tokens on a daily basis.

Limoverse has a stated mission of empowering people to take charge of their own health and well being, so that they can live a long, healthy and productive life, contributing their best to the society. While people generally want to stay fit and healthy, staying disciplined on a fitness or wellness regimen has always been a challenge.

The team behind Limoverse, including biohackers, doctors, researchers, wellness evangelists and life coaches, led by Sajeev Nair, believes that this challenge to stick to a fitness regimen can be overcome by incentivizing the fitness activity, as human beings are designed to do things for incentives or rewards.  By incentivizing people to walk, jog or run, LImoverse is thus bringing in a behavioural change in people to stay disciplined for staying fit and healthy.

HealthFi is the brainchild of Limoverse founder Sajeev Nair, who is a noted biohacker, futurist, motivator, best-selling author and startup entrepreneur. His latest book on safe, scientific and holistic biohacking, titled ‘The Making of a Superhuman’ has been a bestseller on Amazon, while his unique one-day transformational event, ‘Rise Up’, has taken several cities in India and Middle East by storm due to its immersive VAK (Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic) Synchronization to achieve fast results.

Before founding Limoverse, Sajeev Nair’s latest venture was Vieroots Wellness Solutions whose flagship product EPLIMO is one among a handful of such genomic preventive programs in the world. EPLIMO stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications, and are prescribed with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and based on genetic and metabolic assessments for detecting risks for 250+ diseases before they develop, so that these personalized lifestyle modifications spanning nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc can keep them at bay.

EPLIMO has been a runaway success in the Indian market, with thousands of customers even in its first two years, and had attracted equity investment from Suniel Shetty, the noted Bollywood superstar, fitness icon and angel investor. Several superspeciality hospitals across India have also tied up with Vieroots for offering this unique preventive program for their patients. EPLIMO is also at the heart of Limoverse, and both its wellness seekers as well as its wellness partners stand to benefit from basing their services on the core EPLIMO engine as it is the most advanced Health 5.0 technology available for preventive wellness today.

Along with HealthFi, Limoverse also launched its PartnerVerse program at the Dubai Active event. PartnerVerse helps wellness organizations and wellness experts to be Limoverse Partner Organizations (LPOs) and set up their brand shop on the Limo Valley segment of this metaverse. As a launch offer, Limoverse is now offering free setup as well as global launch assistance for a limited period. The Limoverse press conference at Dubai was led by Sajeev Nair, and flanked by the Limoverse Director for MENA region, Hashir Najeeb, and Business Head Divjyot Chohan.

Limoverse HealthFi and its enabling NFT Sneakers which had their soft launch earlier, have been attracting lots of fitness and wellness enthusiasts. However, its formal launch at the Dubai Active event has put it in international limelight now. Though there are many reward programs linked to walking, in most cases a user only gets some discount coupons for the purchase of some products from selected shops.  But in Limoverse HealthFi, as the Limo tokens are ERC 20 tokens deployed on the BSC blockchain, people can monetize these tokens once they are listed in the exchanges.

Soon, Limoverse will also be joining the $100 billion plus Creator Economy that has taken the world by storm, by launching its CreatFi platform for the wellness practitioners and enthusiasts to create wellness content and monetize it in a totally decentralized way. Through its ModiFi project Limoverse will help people to modify their lifestyles with the support of its proprietary geno-metabolic program EPLIMO, under the guidance of a certified lifestyle coach, and also earn Limos in this process.  The first ever wellness metaverse in the world is also under construction by Limoverse and its enabling program MetaFi is perhaps the most ambitious project which is in the pipeline.  Here the practitioners and institutions will get a chance to set up their own clinics or centres inside the metaverse.

Visitors to the Dubai Active event experienced a taste of this metaverse future at the Limoverse stall, where an expansive three dimensional environment complete with avatars demonstrated the sheer potential of immersive technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality in the sphere of wellness. For instance, using VR/AR/XR goggles and wearables, users can experience jogging on a beach when jogging on their treadmill, or meditate or do yoga in the Himalayas or Amazon rainforests, even while doing it on their yoga mat at home.

Another highlight of the Dubai Active event was the Limoverse sponsored Main Fitness Stage where celebrity fitness experts and fitness enthusiasts from across the world grooved to great music and synchronized moves, enjoying their way to fitness. The diverse user experiences at the Limoverse facilities at the event were led from the frontline by Limoverse co-founder and blockchain evangelist Adityanarayan who is also one of the youngest CEOs in the world.

Limoverse has already attracted a committed community of wellness and crypto enthusiasts. The Limoverse app has sailed past more than 100,000 app downloads across Play Store and App Store, and has a vibrant user community of more than 60,000 people on Telegram.  Considering the immense potential of its various projects like HealthFi and Limo Valley, Limoverse is destined to be a star among blockchain and metaverse projects and its Limo tokens, which has a clear and massive use case in the real world of wellness services, is well on its way to be one among the top 50 crypto tokens in the world within a short span of time.

To start your wellness and wealth creation journey with Limoverse, download the app from Play Store or App Store, or visit

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