What Are CS: GO Knives and How To Get Them?

What Are CS: GO Knives and How To Get Them?

Counter-Strike is a game full of badass weapons, and we all have our favorites when playing matches. Hardcore gamers have reached a point where they understand all the minute details of their mechanics and overall performance.

What about the weapon hiding in the shadows, though? The weapon we all love to use whenever we get the chance.

We’re talking, of course, about the all-mighty knife. 

Even the cheapest CS:GO knife can bring you kills as effectively as any other weapon in the game. 

We’ve all been there – enjoying the sound of the knife slashing the walls while we move, and the satisfaction you get when you make frags with a knife is almost indescribable. No matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner to the game, a knife kill will always put a smile on your face.

However, there’s one thing even more exciting than dispatching an enemy with a knife – fragging them with the coolest-looking knife on the server. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular CS:GO knives and how to get them. 

The Most Basic and Prized Weapons

For such a simple weapon in Counter-Strike, a knife has a big reputation as one of the players’ favorites. 

There’s not much about the knife that makes it stand out from any other weapon besides its looks and the satisfaction given when making frags. When you frag someone in matches with a knife, it gives you something to brag about and to mock the player you’ve terminated. 

What makes them so desirable?

Well, some knife skins can be worth a lot of real cash, and many players sell their skins on websites specialized in such trading.

On the other hand, some players would literally choose to get their hands cut off rather than giving away their most precious skins. 

Skins and Rarity Levels

Counter-Strike weapon skins have different rarity levels, which makes them more or less desirable.

These grades start from the most common Consumer-grade, which is not too popular among the players. As the rarity levels of the skin progress, we get to those more enticing and much more expensive.

Classified, Covert, and Legendary are the most sought-after skins, as they can be worth a lot of money.

Players love customizing their weapons by applying skins to them. It won’t give you an advantage in the matches, but the cosmetic upgrade will spice up the visuals in the game while also making you look cool.

If you don’t have much luck getting the skins while playing, you can find them on sites where other players sell them for real money. Alternatively, you can just use the Steam platform to trade them with others. 

If you own a skin with a high-valued rarity level, you’ll have better luck trading it on such platforms.

Are Knife Skins Worth a Lot of Cash?

Legendary knife skins have great value, and some of them cost more than $60,000 of real cash.

Let that sink for a while.

It’s no wonder that players are ecstatic when receiving skins of this rarity grades, as they can make a lot of cash selling them online. 

What you could have guessed already, we have skins less desirable for the players, and you can get them for a great bargain. Some of them cost only a few dollars but they would be a great asset to have in your inventory.

If you’re addicted to cosmetics, you’ll love making a collection of skins that you can switch between whenever you get tired of one. 

Understanding the Loot System

You will receive random drops while playing the game. You can’t tell for sure when these drops will happen, so all you can do is play the game continuously until you find something interesting.

Some players claim that these drops happened only twice in a couple of weeks.

You can only get tree drop cards in your inventory, but you’ll need six to complete the loot.

The other three you can only acquire by trading with other players. That’s the only way you can use the card drops and get anything from them.

Our opinion is that this way of trading brings something fun to the whole game.

To Sell or To Keep?

Now, here’s the big question. Should you keep the knife skin after you made so much effort to get it?

To get the best answer to this question, you’ll have to think about how much the knife skins means to you. Is it just another cosmetic without any real purpose on the weapon?

Alternatively, is it something that will make you happy whenever you pull it out to make a frag?

First, think about how much money it can get you. Some of the skins are worth thousands of dollars and can make you rich over the night. Something like that might encourage you to place your skins on sites specialized in trading.

On the other hand, if money is not an issue for you, why not to keep the knife skins in your inventory?

You can brag about having them to your friends and make your opponents jealous every time you pull it out for a knife kill.

It’s a decision you’ll have to make by yourself, as nobody knows how much it will make you happy to own one, or, to sell one for a lot of cash.


CS:GO is a game that will stay popular in the future as it continues to provide content that’s entertaining for quite a large player base. 

Skins are one of those things that makes CS:GO so exciting and engaging, as they’re a big part of the experience and help players express themselves. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, selling the skins you’re not using might be the answer.

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