Isabell Slim & His PR company Isabell mafia LLC has helped & assistant with over 350 clients

When you know you’ve got some potential, you can simply turn it into money-making. The same happened with Jeremy Henderson, also known as Isabell Slim. Coming from extremely neglected town Winnsboro, Louisiana with just over 3500 population, Slim emerged as a shining American star.

Although, at the beginning of his career, Slim restricted himself to only hip-hop music. He started off as a music artist, composer, and writer. However, by the time, he realized that this industry is full of selfish people. Nobody wants to help others and everyone’s busy pulling legs of each other. The same did happen to him; he was scammed, lied to, and beaten down. However, he didn’t give up and got busy in finding his own way.

This was when he thought of giving his services by starting his own company. For that, Slim initiated his company of helping his friends with their own music marketing. He offered his marketing services to his peers and came to be known as “the plug.” After superseding in his idea of being an entrepreneur, he thought of giving a professional touch to his services and thus, named his company, Isabell Mafia LLC. He had another band named “Isabell Mafia,” which he was intensely fond of, and that was the basis for his company’s logo.

According to him, starting off his company was just a dream in his mind. He never had thought that starting off his company in such a small margin would eventually become an internationally recognizable brand. Till now, Isabell Slim has helped over 60+ people with his PR business.

The current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak has proved a nightmare for many businesses. Many businesses severely crippled. But luckily, it happened opposite with Isabell Slim. Despite intense lockdown everywhere, his company Isabell Mafia LLC is just thriving. In fact, he never had made such a huge amount of money in such a short time span before. Slim mentioned in one of his interviews; while everybody is hurt due to business lock-up, it’s crazy that his company is making huge amounts by offering their online services to independent artists. In fact, it’s a blessing that they could be honest with people at this time.

With his deep knowledge about music, his amazing work streamed on various music streaming platforms, his skills and ability to adapt to different situations, and his popularity all across social media; he intends to promote new talent around the world through his company. He wants to help talented youngsters to seek advantage from his company and spread their voice in the world.

Actually, the intense hardships that Isabell Slim faced while entering the industry of hip-hop music is a motivation for him to help those who want to pursue their dream of being the biggest musical artist on this planet. He lost his friends and loved ones who didn’t believe in his talent; instead, they left him. But he doesn’t want others to face the same. Thus, he started off his campaign by running his own company to give his services to those who are helpless but highly motivated to fulfill their dream.

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