What Skills are Necessary for a Leadership Position in Business?

Having a leadership role within a business provides so much job satisfaction. However, it is so important to be able to have the necessary skills to manage an operation of any size. To be an effective leader, you must be confident in all areas of the business. Whether you are applying for a leadership role or have recently received a promotion, here are the top skills necessary for a leadership business position.

Determination and Motivation

Before you even think about the more technical skills required to go into a leadership role, determination and motivation absolutely have to be there, otherwise, you will fail in being the best possible leader you can be. If you don’t really care about the business or the staff within it, you will not reach your full potential in your role. Every day, you should be striving for success and pushing yourself, even if you have been in the same role for a long time. You need to also make sure you are putting all of your effort into your staff and the company. Staff are going to look up to you for inspiration behind their own roles, so be the best example to them.

Communication with Staff

Making sure that your staff are as up to date with meetings, company progress and general day to day information is key for team building and maintaining a great working relationship with colleagues. Establishing some kind of open door policy with your staff, or at least letting them know that they are more than welcome to come to you with any issues or queries, is a really great way to break the ice and allow your staff to open up and trust you. Your staff will respect you if you show them an equal amount of respect.

If it is possible, organizing work parties and giving rewards to your staff is another great way to show how you have their best interests at heart. It will show that you care about your staff enough to organize something just for them that isn’t perhaps necessarily something work-related. Bonuses are another option on how to motivate your staff and make them respect you as a leader because it shows recognition of all of the hard work that they are putting in for you and the company.

Constructive Criticism

When it comes to feedback, you need to make sure you are striking the right balance with being a welcoming, friendly leader. There is a reason you are in a leadership role and that is to keep the company performance at its best. Constructive criticism is the perfect way to give guidance to your staff and to help them improve rather than belittle and intimidate them. That is the last thing you want your staff to feel when working with you as their leader, so show them respect at all times, including when giving feedback.

If someone has made a mistake, begin by telling them how to further improve themselves so that they can avoid doing something similar in the future. Always shed some positivity when giving feedback and give your staff reassurance that you do understand everyone is human and makes mistakes from time to time. Obviously, as a leader, you will have to decide when perhaps someone isn’t completely right for their current position, but try to offer as much training and guidance as you possibly can.


Keeping on top of paperwork, company information, staff information and all of your personal work duties to the company can be tough. Keeping organized and being a pro at time management is a key factor in your leadership skills. If you feel like it is impossible to juggle as many tasks as you are doing and feel as though you are spreading yourself too thinly, it is a good idea to delegate tasks to your staff. It does not show that you aren’t good enough for the job, or that you don’t have the right skills for the job; instead, it shows that you can admit when you need help, which is an honorable trait to have and one your colleagues will respect.

In terms of personal organization, it is a good practice to keep a diary or calendar when you know you have many meetings and calls, etc. Making lists for the next day will also let your mind be unclouded and is great for those who find it difficult to switch off at the end of the day, as all of your next day work stress can be written down in these lists and left there.


Do you feel as though having a leadership role is what you would love to do but still don’t feel completely ready to take it on? If you don’t feel ready, choosing to go that further step in your education can set you up for a leadership role and provide you with all of the extra skills you will need to work as a leader in business. You will learn more in-depth knowledge about management, finance and all other areas of the business industry that you perhaps feel you aren’t so confident in. Studying an MBA will give you that higher qualification from your undergrad that employers seek for, but it also sets you up in a way that will make you feel ready to take on a leadership role. To find out more about studying an MBA, click here.

Having a leadership role holds such an important number of responsibilities. There are so many other factors that go into having a leadership role within a business, and no two leadership roles are the same. Your staff play a huge part in your role, so making sure that you are respectful and understanding to them is so important.  So long as you have the knowledge and core values that are needed for a job like this, you will thrive in your new position.

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