Why the Rolls-Royce Ghost Is Different from Other Luxury Cars

Have you ever heard of the Rolls-Royce Ghost? It is an incredible luxury car from one of the most expensive brands around the globe. It’s not that it has more than four wheels or that it does not have an engine or doors. All these are present. But this is where all the similarities with all the other cars end.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost takes you to another automotive world. The luxury of this exceptional vehicle makes it worth more than half a million dollars. But why would it be so costly? Let’s get to some of the reasons why the Rolls-Royce Ghost is different from all the other cars.

Luxury Even for Your Feet

Originally, Roll-Royce cars had lambswool floor mats that would make you feel that even your feet were pampered with immense comfort and luxury during your ride. But that has all been taken to the next level. You have options for different customized floor mats and even footrests. Many other cars might be luxurious, but the Rolls-Royce Ghost, with this kind of personalized feature, makes your experience truly extraordinary.

Buttons for Everything

Deciding to spend more than half a million dollars on a car means that you do not want to get involved in any kind of manual work. You want to relax and enjoy everything including the good atmosphere of your Ghost. All this is made easier by the availability of both physical buttons and touchscreen buttons.

Moreover, there is even a button to automatically close or open the doors if the chauffeur is not around to do so. There is also a button to shut the passenger curtains electronically for you to be cocooned from other road users in their standard cars. Other vehicles can rarely match the Ghost in its wide variety of buttons.

Many Options

When we talk of more than half a million dollars, it means that you have limitless choices to select from when picking your Ghost. You have the chance to tell the manufacturer what you need your car to have when purchasing it. For instance, the seats’ leather, control screens, type of curtains, and the like.

This is the level of luxury you will experience when renting or buying a Rolls-Royce Ghost. If you are interested in renting a luxury car, browse through Milani Exotic Car Rentals to find the most luxurious cars from manufacturers like Roll-Royce to fulfill your wedding plans or other needs.

Incredibly Quiet and Smooth Ride

When it comes to weight, the Roll-Royce Ghost exhibits a huge difference with other cars. It weighs in at around 5,948 pounds largely due to the soundproofing materials used to make it. You might think you are floating when riding in your Ghost. Unlike the ride in other vehicles, where you will notice all the potholes on the road, this particular brand’s ride is amazingly smooth.

Much More Comfortable

The Roll-Royce Ghost has all you need to remain comfortable during your ride. From internet-connected touchscreens to massaging rear seats, you cannot find such a variety of features in other cars. The alternatives just seem standard in comparison with nothing to surpass this kind of luxury.


You have heard of other luxurious brands of cars like Ferrari and Mercedes, and you should also include the Rolls-Royce Ghost in this category. Standard cars cannot compare to this one. They do not have the level of luxury features to make your ride as enjoyable.

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