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Amazon employee in Seattle found to test positive for coronavirus

On Tuesday, Amazon gives a statement that an employee who works in one of its Seattle, Washington, offices tested positive for the coronavirus.

After pointing the effected employee amazon said
″We’re supporting the affected employee who is in quarantine,” the company told CNBC. “The employee is based out of Amazon’s Brazil office building in Seattle, WA.”

As per the amazon said, “The employee went home feeling unwell on Tuesday, Feb. 25, and has not returned to the office”.

Email Amazon sent to their Employees:

Other employees of amazon working in close contact with the affected employee — defined as closer than 6 feet for a prolonged period — have been notified.

“We notified the employees who we know were in close contact with the affected one employee,” the memo continues. “The risk of transmission for employees who were not in close contact with this individual is assessed below.”

Amazon asked employees who are experiencing symptoms to stay back at home and take medical treatment to prevent coronavirus.

Amazon has more than 53,500 employees in the region spread across scores of buildings and warehouses. The 12-story, 317,000-square-foot Brazil building opened in 2015 and is surrounded by other Amazon offices, and features a library on the 11th floor.

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