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ZelaaPayAE Crypto Debit Card – the Key to Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in the Gulf Area

ZelaaPayAE is a project dedicated to a clearly defined goal: empowering people in the
United Arab Emirates and GCC countries to easily and effortlessly use cryptocurrencies in
everyday life. ZelaaPayAE firmly believes that the best way of furthering the adoption of
blockchain technology is by providing the general public with solutions that enable palpable
use cases of cryptocurrencies, such as the ability to pay with crypto everywhere Visa cards
are accepted.

Debit and credit cards are quickly replacing cash to become the most preferred payment
method in everyday situations. Cashless payment methods have gained even more value
during the 2020 Pandemic due to the intangibility aspect, which is favourable for hygiene
purposes. But that isn’t the only benefit. Cashless methods have been proven to help
businesses and individuals save time, reduce handling costs and human error, allowing for
better management and greater security. Although the trend has caught on globally, fiat
currency comes with its own fair share of issues. As technology advances, ZelaaPayAE has
come up with yet another innovative method, which might be more advantageous than debit

For crypto enthusiasts, using fiat money is far from optimal. Traditional cards provided by
banks only support centralized currencies, making them subject to inflation and economic
volatility. However, since the birth of crypto, mass user adoption has been a stumbling block
for many projects. Typically, digital coins can only be utilized in mainstream retail by
transferring them back to fiat currency – which defies the purpose of a decentralised
currency. ZelaaPayAE decided to enter the market to solve this exact problem. By
combining security and privacy offered by cryptocurrencies with simplicity and convenience
that characterizes debit cards, users can use the ZPAE debit card using their crypto
everywhere visa cards are accepted. All transactions made with the ZPAE Debit Cards are
subjected to usual market rates and are backed by ZPAE – the digital token that’s powering
up the ZelaaPayAE platform.

With ZPAE, users can pay directly for goods and services, send cryptocurrency to fellow
users, and support the modernization of our financial systems today. The ZPAE card is just
one of many components of the crypto solutions provided by ZelaaPayAE, with POS
terminals, and exciting partnerships in the pipeline, ZelaaPayAE is surely narrowing the gap
between the blockchain ecosystem and mainstream markets.

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