How to Improve Your Business’s Online Security

Online security is something you simply can’t afford to ignore in 2020. Breaches can happen to any company, whether they’re big or small, and nobody is immune to it. All you can do is take the best possible steps towards making sure your business is secure. Here are five tips to consider to improve your business’s online security:

Strong Passwords

It’s very simple, and it’s something you constantly hear about, but how many of us actually regularly update accounts with strong passwords? If you’re running a large business, then you’ve got lots of people with access to sensitive information, and it only takes one account to be compromised to cause your business serious problems. 

Make sure the software you’re using forces people to update passwords regularly and encourages the use of strong passwords. It might seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference. 

Update Your Software Regularly 

It might seem a little bit annoying to constantly receive notifications of updates for your apps. However, these updates can be vitally important to your business’s security. 

Hackers can find vulnerabilities in software and applications, and when this happens, the developers of those programs create updates to fix the vulnerabilities. If you’re not updating your programs with the most up to date version, then you’re missing out on the extra level of security and leaving yourself at risk. 

Train Your Employees

Everyone has to take responsibility for their business’s online security. Individual errors can lead to big complications for your business, so you need to make sure everybody is trained in this area

This is particularly important with the increased amount of people working from home these days. When your employees are working from the office you have a greater level of control over the network, but when people move away from the office this becomes more complicated. 

Give your employees the skills they need to help protect your business by training them. 

Utilize the Right IT Service 

Sometimes you need professional help to make sure you’ve got everything set up to protect your business. Breaches can still happen though, so when they do you want to make sure you’ve got an IT Service like HERO Managed Services LLC.

Protecting your business can be complicated, and it always pays to have professional advice. If you’re working with the right company, then you’ll be able to speak to experts when you need to and fix problems immediately. 

Test Vulnerabilities 

You’ve got to be proactive in your battle to stay protected. A great way to do this is to use the services of an ethical hacker who can help you identify the weaknesses in your security. 

It might seem a bit excessive, but security risks can do so much damage to your business, therefore, it’s well worth doing. This way you know exactly what areas you need to focus on and can work towards making your business more secure.

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