A Tour through Tanzania: All travel tips and must Do’s at a Glance!

All travel and Tour tips for Tanzania

Let the adventure begin! Because planning a trip for me also means thick, fat anticipation. And leave a tour through Tanzania at the top of my ‘places to go list’ at the moment. Let’s see.

This African country not only guarantees a good dose of natural beauty, including the associated animal world, but you will also find the highest mountain in Africa and a visit to the Masaai tribe gives the ultimate go with locals feeling. 

Also, you can end your trip in a very relaxed way on the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Need I say more? In any case, I have listed all the travel tips and must-do’s for a tour through Tanzania.


In Tanzania, besides English, Swahili is an official language of instruction. And did you know that the word ‘safari’ in Swahili means ‘journey’? We mainly associate a safari with a search for wildlife. In Tanzania, you can still see the famous big five animals in their natural habitat.

Do you want to spot the Big Five during a real game drive? You will find the most famous national parks especially in the north of Tanzania and here you immediately have the greatest chance of spotting elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, and buffaloes.


Serengeti means ‘endless plain’ in Masaai, and for good reason. Serengeti National Park has an area of ​​no less than 30,000 km² and is therefore enormous. Also, you immediately imagine yourself in The Lion King through the vast savannah plains with the acacia trees with a flat top in the background. 

Thanks to this unique nature, this area is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In this way, the park is protected, so that nature and its inhabitants can live here in peace. Nice to know: take at least 2-3 days for this park. Serengeti National Park is known worldwide for the great migration or the largest wildlife migration in the world. 

Between June and October, hundreds of thousands of impalas, gazelles, zebras, and wildebeest migrate from the northern Serengeti to the southern plains to escape the drought. More than two and a half million animals travel a distance of more than 2000 kilometers. An impressive spectacle!

Tour through Tanzania


National Park Tarangire is ‘only’ 4 hours drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport and is partly a popular park. Moreover, this national park is the place to be for spotting elephants. 

At times you can spot over 100 elephants at the Tarangire River. A good sign that the elephant population is growing thanks to the tough approach against poachers.


Besides the Lake Manyara lake that this national park is named after, you can also visit the ‘hippo pool’ in Manyara. Here you often find hippos that live here in large numbers during the day. 

This park is more wooded than the other parks, making you feel more in the jungle. Especially in combination with the large groups of monkeys and various brightly colored birds. The park is relatively small with 320 km2, so you can see a lot in a few hours.


The fact of the day: Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world at 5,895 meters high. This climb is also described as a journey from the equator to the North Pole. During this tour, you will see the landscape change from tropical rainforest, savannas, and desert landscape to glaciers, ice, and snow.

There are several routes, but on average you still need 6-7 days to reach the top. No time, opportunity (or sense) to hike to the top? There are plenty of alternative hiking routes where you can admire the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.


When you visit Serengeti National Park you cannot skip the Ngorongoro crater. Or rather, here you will find the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa and in particular the rhino is spotted most often. 

Feel free to take a day to visit the crater (about 20 kilometers wide) and the area around the crater (Conservation Area). You will be amazed! The fact of the day: the drive to the crater alone is worthwhile because you drive through beautiful tropical jungles!


One of the most famous tribes in Tanzania is probably the Maasai tribe and a visit to this colorful tribe should not be missed for the ultimate go with locals feeling. 

During your visit, the Masaai give a glimpse into their culture and daily life. Good to know: the proceeds from tourist visits are shared with surrounding villages.


Do you enjoy paradise white beaches, snorkeling, diving, and lazing, but also culture? It is a good idea to end your trip through Tanzania on Zanzibar. 

On the island of Unguja you will find the historic and fascinating town of Stone Town where you will find a mix of African, Asian, and Arab influences. Besides strolling through the narrow streets, good food, and shopping, you can also visit a former slave market.

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