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According to the study, COVID-19 increased deaths in countries with high air pollution

According to the study, COVID-19 increased deaths in countries with high air pollution

The latest research released Tuesday by Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health stated; 

If you live in a county with long-term air pollution in the United States, you can die of COVID-19. 

Every year millions of people worldwide die from pollution from tiny particles. It is now increasing in the United States areas. 

According to the lead author Francesca Dominici, co-director of the Harvard Data Science Initiative;

”We found that in the case of fine particles in the air, an increase of only 1 gram per cubic meter was connected with a 15% upsurge in the COVID-19 death tool.” 

Their initial finding, based on data from April 4, is that air pollution makes COVID-19 more lethal. According to the research and reports, high pollution levels in which particulate matter (PM 2.5) levels are higher than 13 micrograms per cubic meter of air. It is higher than the US resources of 8.4.

Dominici stated;

 “It means that long-term contact to air pollution raises the risk of encountering the most serious results of COVID-19.”

It is also instructed to federal, state, and local officials to make effective verdicts about the implementation of community distance and to make informed decisions about building hospitals and local health care systems. 

Xiao Wu said;

Regarding areas that do not currently have a high mortality rate, “Atlanta is one of the obvious examples.”

  • Wu said pollution levels are higher in other countries, with the existing death toll from COVID–19 lower than the usual in the United States contain.
  • Fresno, Kings, Los Angeles, Orange and Tuller counties in California
  • Vanderburgh County in Indiana
  • Butler, Hamilton and Montgomery counties in Ohio
  • Illinois and West Moreland counties in Pennsylvania

It is also clear that in these counties, we have to follow the community distance measures strictly. 

“The nation knows that prolonged exposure to particulate pollution can deteriorate the indications of lung disease.” It can also increase the risk of lung infections, lead to heart attacks and stroke. Moreover, it can also source lung cancer and early death. 

 Balmes, a professor of environmental health science at UC Berkeley stated;

Maps also display a higher risk for viruses in colored classes.

Now it is a worldwide requirement to examine the effects of air pollution on hazard levels around the globe.

But right now, it is a kind of study depending on statistical analysis as compared to a controlled experiment that the Trump administration also desires to reject from a controlled study. 

Apart from adhering to the safety measures like social distancing and wearing face masks recommended by health authorities and governments, it has now become important to improve the building resilience against COVID-19. One of the highly recommended solutions is to consult a professional team and getting a detailed report for achieving higher COVID-19 resilience for your buildings.

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