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Taiwan refuses the claims of racism campaign against the Tedros

Taiwan refuses the claims of racism against Tedros

Taiwan retaliates at the head of the World Health Organization as a disagreement over the self-made island’s omission from the body endangered to dominate labors to restraint in the feast of the coronavirus.

Taiwan’s Overseas Ministry called on WHO Director-General Tedros Azanom Ghabriasis to say sorry for useless and libelous comments. Tedros from Ethiopia has previously blamed Taiwan to remain behind a racist campaign against himself and Africa in general.

According to the ministry on Thursday;

 “Without examining the evidence, Tedros’ gratuitous and baseless allegations are not only different from the truth; they really hurt our government and our people as well.” 

President Tsai Ang Wen uttered “strong protests” against the Tedros’ accusation. He said that it was behind the bigoted spells and requested him to come to the island.

“Taiwan always expresses discrimination in any form.” 

On his official page he wrote;

“We know how it impressions to be distinguished against and isolated. We have been disqualified from international organizations for years.” That’s why I want to invite Tedros to visit Taiwan to see how Taiwan vows to be international in spite of discrimination and separation. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Lijian later stated;

He expects “Taiwanese consultants will not engage in the politics of infectious disease nor engage in any political tactics.”

‘Racial Insults’

In response to a query about criticism of US President Donald Trump and other world leaders, Tedros stated on Wednesday that Taiwan was behind the campaign against them.

He said; 

“When people as a public abuse us, that’s enough.” “We cannot bear this. But since I personally lack racism when they suffered or attacked me. I do not care because I am a very proud black man.” “The attack was from Taiwan.” “The Foreign Ministry is aware of the campaign and did not set itself apart.”

Tedros also advised the United States and China to work well together. 

Admired Response

Taiwan’s response to the virus is admiration for diverse voices, such as the US State Department, Bill Gates, and Barbara Streisand. So far, 379 incidents and five fatalities have been reported on the island.

Whereas Taiwan’s administration was a searching fellow of the United Nations. The People’s Republic of China took office in 1971, and on all subsidiaries such as the WHO. China claims the autonomous island as its land. General Chat Chat Lounge. The Taiwanese administration refuses it, stressing that it is an independent, self-governing nation.

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