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Afraid and bare: the increase in virus cases among China’s medics

Afraid and Bare increasing the number of virus cases

Long hours, exhaustion, and not have of protecting kit result in 1,716 medical teams in China contracting coronavirus COVID-19.

Chengdu, China – Working extended periods, intense hours, Liu was one of the earliest healthcare staff members to come to the leading edge. He aims to struggle with the coronavirus outbreak that has slaughtered no less than 1,770 people and affected 70,548 others in mainland China. For a few days, she helped out providing medicine and manages intravenous therapy to affected patients. She served these activities at a crowded hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus.

Then on January 26, just three days after Wuhan kept under lockdown, she suffered in a dry cough and got a fever. Liu could not retain information accurately how and when she might have caught by the virus. But by the time she got her test result. The temperature of her body had been hanging over 38.5 degrees Celsius (101.3 Fahrenheit) for above four days. Liu said that when she was in the hospital, one of her coworkers was weeping. She was so afraid and tired, Liu requested Al Jazeera to recognize her at her last name.

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She said, at that point

We previously had as a minimum 150 coworkers who had either confirmed or alleged of infection, and we are all very afraid. Whenever somebody comes into the ward, I have to hold my breath and stop talking. Because I am in fair, the disease will extend this way, said Liu.

1,716 health workers affected

For the first time, after the coronavirus outburst, the National Health Commission of China reported on February 14. According to the report, 1,716 health staff affected the duration of treating patients with the disease. This has increased fears regarding the ability of the government to keep safe the caregivers in direct contact with the affected.

Zeng Yixin, the deputy director of the health commission of China, said in a news conference on Friday;

The affected medical staff includes 3.8% of all those who have contracted the virus throughout the country. He told the community that the figure would not increase as China was increasing its hard work to make sure that supplies of caring gear for medics would be satisfactory. Though, most of the coronavirus demises in China have previously set off warning bells in the medical society.

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