Best Bitcoin mining software available

I don’t repeat it again and again that Bitcoin is the next big thing and people are crazy about it because it’s origin a few years ago in 2009.

It’s replaced stock market investment as individuals refer going electronic and it would not be long until Bitcoin replaces government-backed paper currencies in forthcoming years. Consequently, if you too are one of one of these people considering investing in Bitcoin and searching for applications that could make your job simpler than you are in the right location.

This blog will help provide you with helpful tips and inform you about the a variety of software that can help you mine Bitcoin.

Additionally, choosing Bitcoin mining applications depends on several things like the style of the package, whether the mining would be to be done by laptop or desktop and whether you would love to mine Bitcoins exclusively?

So, these are some of the vital elements that help determine the ideal Bitcoin mining software for you.

  • CG Miner

It is one of the strongest and the most popular mining software for GPU/FPGA/ASIC. The command of CG Miner is written in C and apart from that, it is a popular cross-platform program which means it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

CG miner is capable of handling functions like monitoring, overlooking and remote interface capabilities among others. CG Miner is the most trusted and most capable of handling the mining solution.

Pros: immensely popular, regularly updated and supports GPU/FPGA/ASIC.

Cons: Textual interface

  • BFG Miner 

BFG miner is designed for ASIC and FPGA and does not support GPU. This software is more inclined towards tweaking the audience and its major functions include maintaining, overlooking and remote interface capabilities. Apart from being a great advanced software and it offers options to install Raspberry Pi which is amazing.

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Though BFG Miner is text-based but still is user-friendly and easy to understand. You can use the available hotkeys to go through and checkouts the various advanced options offered by BFG Miner software.

Pros: cross-platform, powerful software with advanced features

Cons: suitable for experienced users.

  • Easy Miner

The easy miner software is more of a GUI Based miner. As the name suggests easy miner is pretty simple mining software that is user-friendly software best for the people who don’t like to use the heavy text-based, complex mining software.

Easy mining is way less textual and offers graphics and visuals as a part of a mining procedure which makes it interesting.

Apart from that Easy miner has an advanced developed feature that allows you to automatically create a “moneymaker” wallet that connects automatically to its pool.

Pros: automatic money-maker mode, Graphic UI

Cons: the installation of window triggers AV

  • Bit Minter 

Bit Minter came into origin with the motive of providing people with easy and user-friendly mining software, but now Bitminter has developed into a full-fledged mining pool. The website of this software is pretty simple and straight forward to understand with a lot of visuals which makes the work easy for the beginners.

What makes Bitminter unique is that the software belongs to the mining pool and before using it, you have to sign in and register by filling the form of the mining pool. It is a great option if you are looking for fast yet simple mining software.

Apart from that, it is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Mac OS X. the best part is that it helps in the reduction of the stale work.

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