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Death toll from the Coronavirus increases to near 3000 in U.S. days

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The death toll from the U.S. Coronavirus outbreak jumped to close to 3,000 on Monday. It is the fatal day of the nation’s ever-growing disaster. New York welcomed the reach of  1000 sleeping beds ship at the U.S. Naval Hospital. It is a hope for the city in a desperate war.

According to the news agency;

In a serious new milestone identifying the spread of the virus, at least 540 fatalities in the United States were 3,017 on Monday. The reported cases increase to 163,000.

The people of New York and New Jersey lined the rows on both sides of the Hudson River to the delight of the American Navy boat soothe. A changed oil tanker also painted white with massive red crosses, as it sailed past the Statue of Liberty accompanied by support ships and helicopters.

According to Navy;

Comfort will take care of non-corona virus patients. It will also take care of those in need of surgical treatment and necessary care to free up other assets to face the virus.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, said;

“It’s a time of war environment, and we all have to stay jointly.”

Patients with COVID-19 have been overwhelmed at hospitals in New York City, a respiratory disease caused by the virus. Officials have requested to the helper of health staff.

According to Crystal Horachk;

“If we can’t look after ourselves, we also can’t look after you.

She further said;

“I think a lot of us have accepted the actuality that maybe we are obtainable to obtain it.

The United States has one of the most certified cases in the world. The number that also increases the probability of the virus becoming more widespread.

President Donald Trump told the White House conference;

Over one million Americans had been exposed to the Coronavirus – less than 3% of the population. Although the United States has stepped up the trial after several setbacks, it still lags behind countries such as Italy and South Korea on a per capita basis.

In California, another affected state, Governor Gavin Newsome, said;

The number of hospitals-entering COVID-19 has almost doubled over the last four days. The number of ICU patients has tripled. Officials there also request to the medical helper.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is the most dominant public figure in the Coronavirus crisis, said at a news conference;

The state’s most populous country can also enforce social distance and slow its spread. Action may be taken to close the playground in the city.

According to the Ford Motor Company;

It will develop 50,000 ventilators in the next 100 days at the Michigan plant in teamwork with General Electric’s healthcare unit, and then 30,000 monthly.

U.S. Department of Health officials is appealing to Americans to comply with home-stay orders by the end of April to control the spread of the virus.

White House Corona Virus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Berks said NBC’s “Today” show;

If we work together well – almost done – we could reach 100,000 to 200,000 casualties.

Authorities in New Orleans were also arranging a field hospital at the Ernest Ann Muriel Convention Center. It is the place where thousands of Hurricane Katrina migrants came in 2005 to control the predictable flow of patients.

Authorities stated;

Twelve inmates at the Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois, were hospitalized. It also had numerous mandatory ventilators, while a facility to display 77 more symptoms has been retained.

Well-known country and folk singer John Perrin was among the most recent celebrities – as well as some members of Congress – to remove the virus. Prine was not better on Monday after being admitted to the hospital with symptoms of the disease. His wife said on Twitter;

Prine, a 73-year-old cancer survivor, lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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