Corona Virus

Dutch researchers search out the antibody Coronavirus

Dutch search out antibody of coronavirus

Researchers from A world premiere for Erasmus MC and Utrecht University find out the antibody against COVID-19 

Erasmus Magazine firstly introduced this extraordinary report;

‘A group of ten scientist’s scientific paper is set for the assessment of companions from the important expert journal Nature.’

A person who recognized it said

”The antibody as the contagion of SARS1 and SARS2 previously lay in the fridge at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Professor of Cell Biology Frank Grosveld (71) is the section of a group of ten scientists.”

Last Thursday, he forwarded the article about the detection of BioRxiv. BioRxiv is a website where ecologists can distribute their investigation before the peer review by a professional journal. The description state about an antibody against SARS2, the coronavirus. It is creating a present pandemic (COVID-19). The antibody can support to analyze and secure this kind of Corona pollution. That’s why it makes the lively antibody a world opening.

Very first antibody

This antibody will still be verified on human lives. It can also consume some months. 

Erasmus Magazine stated that Yet Grosveld is confident

“We are nowadays struggling to meet a medicinal business on board. It seems effective. Which can manufacture the antibody as a cure on a huge scale? It is the very initial antibody about which we learn will stop the spread. It is also a positive hope it will become a cure in the market. It is also being expected that when it is given to a patient, it can also stop the infection. Thus, there are chances of recovery.”

In the publishment, Grosveld replied disapprovingly to the Dutch method to the Corona epidemic. “We have also been negligent and were ill-prepared. E.G., there were very some tests and limitations from the onset, even still we observe what occurred in China and then Italy.”

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