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Fight for freedom in Hong Kong 

Activist asks world leaders to speak up for Hong Kong. From a month, Hong Kong long, violent protests continue till now. That’s why the activist and politician Joshua Wong is calling on the international community. Hence, they said, the international community has to recognize the humanitarian crisis. It is necessary for human rights. 

Mr Wong told the media I want to urge people and world leaders; they should speak up for the humanitarian crisis. Also, he said I hope the world can stand with Hong Kong. He wants the world to fight for freedom. It is suitable for everyone. Wong is the secretary-general of the pro-democracy party Demosisto. In June, he was arrested for protest. 

Now the authorities have barred Wong from running in local district council elections. The order was released in October 2019. So, it means Wong cannot run in elections. But as he is a brave and strongest man. He has become the face of the movement. Because there is no leader of demonstrations. Now he will lead all events and will compete with the crisis. 

Hong Kong: Police Arrest Protesters

In June 2019, he started the protests that give the lesson of peace. Here we discuss a proposed bill that belongs to suspected criminals. However, the catalyst bill that allows suspected criminals to be deported to mainland China.  While the long protests debilitated the state. After many weeks Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam announced the bill was dead. But now the protests had hardened and out of control. 

The resistance and movement are against the territory’s government and Beijing. Hence, the protests turned violent because of tensions. The protesters depressed by police and the condition become critical. Therefore, the 22-year-old Chow Tsz-Lok was a Hong Kong student. And he died after falling from the third to the second floor. That’s why the rallies and sparked increased nowadays. 

That’s why Wong says all the protesters are urging the government to stop the police brutality. And we are calling for a free election. He says, the government should have to respond and want to take action about all the conditions. But the government is opposed to it and allowing the escalation of brutal violence. That is not good for all humans of Hong Kong.

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