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Handy Tips for Organizing Your Home

Each day we struggle to keep our home neat and tidy. But often we fail in efforts. Isn’t it disappointing? Luckily, to save you from this menace there are some smart pieces of advice from home organization pros. These tried and tested tips can help you keep your home tidy and organized without investing in too much time and money. Feeling excited!


So, let’s read below to find out the easy to follow home organization tips:


  1. Make it easier to put things away.

The first rule of the organization says that it does not complicate things. Simplify your organization strategies, the fewer the steps, the better your home will look. Make things accessible through a single step to avoid cluttering. For example, do not place your laundry basket in the closet. Rather use an open basket so that you can easily put your clothes in it. Use open lid containers for storing daily essential things. Even for the garbage bin, buy the one with the lever to facilitate easy opening and closing. 


  1. Check for signs that let your system isn’t working.

Here comes the rule no two. If even after toils of arrangement and organization your room looks messy, then you need to rethink your strategies. Segregate things into what you need and what you don’t need. The things you don’t need either donate or discard them. Once done with this, next, separate things according to use or occasion and then store them in open lid containers. 


  1. Define Areas in Drawers 

Rule three says separate out zones in drawers. For this, you can use container organizers. Separating areas in drawers for specific things will prevent you from amassing everything into one space. When organizing clothes, store your socks and undergarments in top drawers, office essentials in the second drawer, and workout clothes in lower drawers. Follow the same for your bathroom and arranging a book rack. In bathroom store daily essentials within your arm’s reach and the ones that you use rarely store them into cabinets. 

  1. Eliminate clutter hot spots.

There are certain surfaces in the home that tend to be treated as clutter hotspots. Thus, as per rule 4, find such areas and work on eliminating them. The prominent clutter gathering areas include a dining table, kitchen counters, chairs, and entryway table. To keep these areas clutter-free, incorporate a nightly routine to clean them. If not possible, then the last resort is to block those areas. For example, put a flower vase and table mats on your dining table to make it clear that it is no more space for accumulating piles. 


Last but not the least; label everything, even if you have a sharp memory, mark containers with easy to read instructions. Eliminate the guesswork. Moreover, consider your needs precisely, don’t just let things keep on accumulating unnecessarily. If you can hang things, go for it. This will prevent your floor space from becoming a storage unit.

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