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Historical Moment in Bitcoin Dominance – An opportunity of a lifetime?

Bitcoin is facing a massively massive resistance on the weekly chart!

Today the Bitcoin Dominance has reached a hight at 69.57%. This means that almost 70% of all crypto money are being held in Bitcoin. But it seems that this could start to change in the opposite direction.

BTC.D can’t just ignore the massive resistance in form of 200 Moving average on a Weekly chart. This could be a historical turning point of the money moving from BTC to Alts for the long term. Maybe yes, and maybe not, but certainly it could be the time when alts will florish.

Perhaps this is an opportunity of a lifetime to invest in altcoins?

Throughout my analysis accross multiple alts, including steem, a lot of them are reaching or forming a bottom. I personally belive in this opportunity and I did put my money where my mouth is by investing in Steem.

This is my long term investment and who knows, perhaps my opportunity of a lifetime!

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