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Bitcoin All-Time-High by 2020 … but when alt season?

Currently Bitcoin is looking extremely strong, as it continues to hold the 9.5k support area. At the same time, price failed to break the uptrend trendline, suggesting continuation of the upside momentum.

Comparing BTC price action to Monero, at the time of the previous BOOM, the btc scenario could unfold as per chart presented below. It is possible that Bitcoin will produce a new all time high as soon as the end of 2019. This means that price can potentally double in the matter of months.

When/if BTC will produce an new high, it could be that Altcoins will start gaining some traction to chase the bitcoins. Well, alts might start moving a little early and therefore they should be watched closely in the coming weeks months.

Those who want to earn some Bitcoins through Alts, would probably chose some best know projects, that have some real value to the world. One of which, could be STEEM. But, so called “shit coins” also have some potential with the new upcoming alt season. But this potential could be very short lived, after which, “shit coins” would vanish forever.

The Bitcoin dominance shows that there should be a correction to the downside, giving some room for growth to alts. But it is only a correction and in the future BTC dominance could reach 80%!

This supports the fact, that most shit coins will be gone and most of the capital will be distributed amoughts the top 10 alt coins and of course the Bitcoin. In this scenario BTC dominance can easily reach 80% or even more.

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