How Engraving Bricks Can Elevate Your Biz

How Engraving Bricks Can Elevate Your Biz

If you are looking for a lasting way to impress clients or gain funding? If so, then engraved bricks are something to consider now. By using a brick engraver, your business can benefit as it gains the attention of those who want to invest in operations, as well as those who want to offer a one-time donation.

Not All Engravers are the Same

Before you jump right in and outsource to an engraver, though, it’s important to understand which type of engraving is best. There is sandblasting, and then there is laser engraving

While they both look beautiful to start with, the sandblasted brick loses its paint filler over time, which makes the design almost unreadable. Cleaning the brick takes time, and you might have to hire someone to do so, plus it becomes hazardous for those who wear high heels.

In comparison to brick sandblasting, Fundraising Brick uses unique laser engraving technology that is much more durable for their brick sandblasting bricks. The brick etching is maintenance-free, permanently marked, and does not fade, unlike brick sandblasting. To save yourself time and having to do the process again because the design fades, choose quality laser engraving the first time around.

Now that you’re interested in this technology, how do you use laser engraved bricks to improve your business? There are many creative ways to fundraise with them.

Fundraising with Engraved Bricks

Whether you are a non-profit or not, engraved bricks offer a customized way to raise funds during an event (in-person or virtually), as well as being a continual thing you provide to people in return for donations. The collected contribution can then be used to make a brick wall, add to the bricks in an existing building, a new walkway, and more. In addition to bricks, you can offer engraved tiles too.

As for what you can engrave on them, here are just a few of the options:

  • Name in a certain font
  • Quote in a specific font
  • Graphics
  • Logo

With a laser engraving machine, the technology is such that the design comes out clear with crisp edges. The high-tech tool is impressive.

Getting Your Business to the Next Level by Fundraising Well

Of course, to boost your business, you must understand how to run a successful engraved brick fundraising campaign. As with most things, this campaign’s start is crucial, so don’t overlook the planning stage. A plan that considers things in-depth and coordinates well with your team is more likely to go well than a haphazard one.

To get the word out to potential donors that you are fundraising for your organization, put together a press release and submit it to local websites, newspapers, and radio stations to reach more people than you might be able to do on your own. 

Be sure to include contact information in your press release for anyone interested in your fundraiser to contact you. Social media is also a great way to get more attention to your campaign. From Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn, there is an audience out there; you just need to put the message out for them to know about your engraved bricks idea.

Be sure to set your sales goals too. By thinking ahead to what you want to achieve, you can establish the best price for the bricks you will offer people. How many bricks do you need to sell, and at what cost to get to the sales goal? 

By pricing your donation levels accurately, you can reach the desired profits. When this pricing structure works, be sure to use it for the next fundraiser too.

Why Engraved Technology is Popular

A big reason to consider using an engraver for etching bricks to raise funds for your organization is that it is a unique item. No two bricks that you provide donors will be the same. While they will donate money to receive the item, what they receive from you will be something they will cherish for a long time to come because it is personalized.

From their name to a quote, a tribute to someone they lost, artwork, or another creative idea, the possibilities for etching bricks are endless. Ask your donors individually what they would like and make it happen using a trusted company.

In addition to providing a unique item, you will find that bricks are going to be something you can offer continually to help you raise funds. Perhaps you plan to do a fundraiser yearly. This item does not go out of style; its popularity is everlasting.

Are Donor Bricks Right for Your Business?

Engraved bricks are a great fundraising idea for a range of business types, as well as for small and larger organizations. Among the organizations who have found success with laser engraved bricks for raising funds are:

  • Charities
  • Hospitals
  • Memorials
  • Schools
  • Religious organizations
  • Sports Teams
  • Museums
  • Recreational centers

For example, donor bricks are a terrific idea when fundraising for a new wing in a hospital. Or the fundraiser could be to support the expansion of a church financially.

Be sure to repeat your fundraising campaign after doing it successfully the first time. You will likely pick up strategies that work well each time to use to better your next campaign. 

Fundraising Creatively to Boost Your Business

Rather than sandblasting or offering photographs, laser engraved bricks are a modern approach to fundraising that can take your business to the next level. This point applies to both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

You and the donors will appreciate that the brick engraving is maintenance-free when it is done with laser technology. As it doesn’t use a filler, unlike when sandblasting, the design will look amazing for a long time, rather than breaking down over the years.

Creating customized gifts for donors is a special thing your organization can offer now and during future fundraising campaigns. By using the services of a company that has brick engraving technology, you can provide amazing items that people will treasure while simultaneously growing your business with the funds they donate to you.

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