How Technology Making Farming Easier Than Before

Farming is only for a tough breed of people. People who are comfortable with the agonizingly early rises, the wretched smell of fertilizer and faeces, and the elements that can range from searing heat to torrential showers. 

Farming is a tough yet essential industry, responsible for a huge portion of our daily lives. That’s why, it’s one industry that’s welcoming advancements in technology with open arms as it allows farmers to work smarter and be more productive, giving them the chance to produce more goods and manage their lands more effectively. Here are some awesome pieces of technology which are making farming just that little bit easier.

Portable Garages 

A big issue for a lot of farmers is the storage of their many pieces of equipment and tools. Items such as ploughs and tractors are best kept indoors, away from the elements as it helps preserve them and prevents rust from forming on key components of the machinery. However, storing these machines in barns takes away space from livestock, plus building a designated storage facility is expensive. 

Portable garages from Portable Garage Depot is a great solution, as these can be erected anywhere and can provide that much needed protection and storage space for your vehicles. They can be built to bespoke dimensions to best suit farmers needs, and are a great, low cost option for many farmers. 

Wi-Fi Connected Crops

Moderns farms are now typically employing small electronic sensors that are distributed throughout their fields and crop patches that can monitor a wide range of conditions. These sensors can pick up on things such as moisture and quality of the soil and through cloud connectivity can relay this information back to a centralized device, so that the farmer knows exactly how their crops are doing, and can use this information to make changes and alterations to help improve their growth. 

It doesn’t end there though, as these sensors can also be programmed to automate some functions, such as instructing on what an irrigation system should do, apply more fertilizer, and watering the crops. The technology is dramatically more beneficial to farmers that have a huge amount of land, as it allows them to monitor their crops without having to physically trudge through their vast property. 


Drones give farmers the opportunity to view their farm in a unique light, as they can get a bird’s eye view on their domain. Mapping technology is a vital part of modern agriculture, and getting those maps is made a lot easier and cost effective thanks to drones. By filming their crops regularly, they’re able to build a time-lapse of how their crops are growing each season. They can use this to identify how the crop behaves so that they are able to make adjustments next time. 

This view can also make it easier to spots areas that may be getting damaged due to pests and fungus infestations, but can also use infrared imagery to identify healthy and distressed plants in a way that can’t be seen conventionally through the human eye, giving more insight to their plants and crops. 

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