The Clean Beauty Announces The Launch Of Three New Skincare Ranges, Exclusively Online

The Clean Beauty Co has announced the launch of their three new skincare ranges: Organic The New Beauty, The Clinical Beauty & Beautyshakes. 

With each product in the three ranges boasting science based, *bio-lamellar skincareTM and cleanZero formulas, each range has a different concept: 

  • Organic The New Beauty: 80%-100% Organic and 100% Natural 
  • The Clinical Beauty: High on dermatologically proven actives 
  • Beautyshakes: Convenient do-it-yourself skincare – freshly made 

Skincare formulas are water oil compounds that are stabilized in a base and enriched with actives for specific skin benefits. Typically, water content is about 50% and actives are between 5-20%, leaving the remaining 30% or more for the technical base. The Clean Beauty Company products are different. The guiding principle is to activate products for optimum skin benefits by rethinking traditional skincare formulas, replacing and adding ingredients. 

Organic The New Beauty: 

Skin goodness comes from the base, not just the featured actives. The product base of the Organic The New Beauty Range is bio-fermented, made with organic Aloe Vera and a blend of 10 different organic oils including Argan, Shea and emulsified with Non-GMO Lecithin. Products within this range include Face Creams, Body Lotions and Cream Serums. 

The Clinical Beauty: 

The anti-inflammatory formula of The Clinical Beauty helps to reduce skin oxidation, glycation and cell- damage. Probiotics strengthen the skin microbiome and phospholipids help restore the skin barrier. Products within this range include Face Creams, Body Lotions and Cream Serums. 


Beautyshakes are a fresh made skincare, natural, clean and based on Non-GMO Lecithin. The sachets arrive with an airless dispenser. Simply open the sachets, pour liquids in the dispenser, close and shake it for 1 minute. Let is rest for 5 minutes and shake again before use. 

Having spent decades working in the Cosmetics and Skincare industry, The Clean Beauty Co Founder, Michael Vogt, has spent over 3 years, searching and developing the formulas for each of the products in his three ranges: Organic The New Beauty, The Clinical Beauty and Beautyshakes. 

‘I believe skincare can be clean, active, and beautiful in texture – all at the same time. I found the skincare market to be very confusing, there was no clear guidance on what was good for your skin, I knew there was a better product and explanation that could be created. 

I wanted my products to be CLEAN, free of polymers, microplastic, additives, and allergens. Absolutely no exceptions, period. I also wanted it to be ACTIVE. Skincare products which have the ability to penetrate the skin and work from inside with good and proven actives. The only natural way into deeper skin penetration is through the lipid system, a process which took some time but something my products achieve. I also wanted the TEXTURE. I changed the entire base of my products to a lecithin/phospholipid base, creating a beautiful feel once applied to the skin, creating a natural glow. 

I started the journey of The Clean Beauty Co from zero and have created my products over a three-year period, delivering on the promise of clean and effective skincare. I firmly believe effective and fast- absorbing skincare is possible – with velvety textures but no silicones – and I have produced an array of products which achieve this mission. 

The launch comes at an exciting time for The Clean Beauty Co with research predicting that the Skin Care Products Market will be worth $183.03 Billion By 2025* 

Note to Editors: 

*Industry analysis compiled by Grand Market Research. More information can be found here: Grandviewresearch

*bio-lamellar skincareTM cleanZero formulas. More information can be found here: Thecleanbeauty 

For more information on The Clean Beauty Co, please contact Michael Vogt on [email protected] or +46 728 576 964

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