How Your Business Can Help Save The Planet

How Your Business Can Help Save The Planet

Although we all have a responsibility to help save the planet as individuals, as a business owner you have even more to do. It will depend on how large your corporation is, and how much money and time you have to spare as to exactly what you do, but you must do something. After all, you are in the public eye and you have the power to make some big changes. If you are not sure how your business can help save the planet, read on; there are many different things, big and small, you can do. 

Clean Up The Oceans 

One of the biggest issues facing the planet today is that we are killing our oceans and everything in them. This will lead to a shortage of jobs (problematic economically), it will mean a lack of food and because the oceans absorb a quarter of the excess carbon dioxide we product, without them the planet would simply die. It is clear that we need to do more to take care of them. 

As a business, you can do this work. If you have the funds you can invest in oil and water separators to assist with oil spills, but smaller businesses can still organize litter picking days along the beach, for example. Everything, big or small, makes a difference, and if you can be a role model for the community, that is even better. 

Solar Panels 

In the past, solar panels could be seen as something of a trend or fad, something fashionable. Yet today, they are becoming more and more essential, and if you have them installed on the roof of your business premises, you will certainly be doing a lot for the environment. 

Although solar panels might be associated with homes rather than offices and warehouses, there is no reason why they cannot be installed for your business. They will reduce your energy costs and reduce the amount of fossil fuels you use, ensuring that you are making the planet a better place to be. 

Reduce Energy Use 

Another relatively easy thing to do that can make a big difference is to reduce your energy use as a business. Solar panels will help, but so too will making other changes, some larger than others. For example, you could change the lightbulbs you use to more energy efficient ones, or you could buy electric cars when the time comes to replace your current fleet of business vehicles. 

If you run machinery, you could consider staggering your working hours so that you do not have to run them during peak times (usually between 8am and 5pm). This will save you money and it will reduce the amount of energy you are using overall. Another option is to have your employees working from home for at least part of the week. Of course, exactly what you do and how you do it will depend on a number of factors including what industry you are in and whether you need to be customer facing, but with some planning ahead, you should be able to find some ways to reduce your energy usage within your business. 

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