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In Canada: The Halifax Water Advances offer to Replace Lead Pipes for Free 

According to reports, Halifax Water is moving the dial forward on a landmark program. Hence, the program based on replacing lead pipes on private property. Because they fears because of tainted water. They know that polluted water could an adverse impact on their health. 

So, the replacement of pipes continued in the whole area because of the investigation. Thus, the utility wants to replace every lead service line on customer property at the cost of $14 million. It means that people replaced their water pipes in the average price. On Thursday, the board members approved this proposal. And they allowed people to change their water pipes on their private property. 

Moreover, the board members push the target completion date up from 2050 to “2039 or sooner.” Thus, director Reid Campbell said, if people have lead lines. Then they have to replace it. Because it is the best thing for them. It is a public health issue, and we want to solve all the problems of our customers, he added. 

This type of campaign is cleaning their environment. In Canada, the sweeping offers are accessible. Because they want to clean their area. Hence, Halifax Water’s enhanced program will start in 2020. So, this whole program would have all the paperwork. That decides the acceptance and rejection before 2021. And the NSURB will conduct its hearings and evidence. 

Halifax Water offering to pay to replace lead lines

However, all residents have to follow some instructions to save their health. Whereas the federal investigation revealed some issues that they found in Canada. They said that hundreds of thousands of Canadians had been unwittingly exposed to lead in their drinking water. So, it is necessary that people have to replace pipes. And also leading leaches into tap water from a variety of sources. This chemical may clean the water vas thoroughly.

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