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In London, Uber stripped of license because of safety issues.

According to reports, London’s transit authority denied renewing Uber’s license to operate. On Monday, 25 November 2019, Uber has refused to renew the license. It happened because of putting the ride-hailing company’s future in the British capital in doubt. So, it is the latest news about the uber company in the U.K. 

In London, this step is in the first time in Uber’s rocky history. It may cause many issues in London transport officials. Those transport subjecting the San Francisco-based company. Because of ever-tighter scrutiny over concerns about passenger safety and security. So, the reality to denying the license is that the London transport authority has some complaints about security.  

London transit authorities said they have passenger’s safety problems in Uber. As uber has filed an appeal to open or renew tickets. Hence, uber has 21 days to submit a request about the license. And uber can continue operating while the appeals process is underway. Moreover, London transport fears that they have passenger’s safety at risk. Whereas they were not to extend Uber’s license. 

London, Uber stripped of license

Hence, the expiry date is 25 November, Monday, at midnight. So, the TFL (transit authority) said, they have no chance to give the uber more. Because they have no trust in uber in the future. As they change and control many issues, but still, they are in fear. More they said, they have no confidence in the similar problems that will not reoccur in the future. That’s why they took this step for uber. And Uber is not fit and proper at this time.

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