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Introducing the DEFHOLD Token Presale: Join And Buy Tokens Now

DEFHOLD introduces a non-inflationary staking and farming system that rewards users for HODLing their tokens. 

Most crypto investors exit the market during price drops, opting to convert their assets for fiat or stablecoins. This strategy enables investors to buy back into the crypto market at a lower rate.

However, it is often difficult for traders to determine the market bottom, as the task requires a high level of understanding of the market.

The DEFHOLD ecosystem is built to offer yield generating investment tactics to long-term crypto holders in both a market pump and dump.

DEFHOLD Presale Details

DEFHOLD will roll out its highly anticipated token presale on November 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST. The token sale will distribute DEFO, the primary utility token for the project, to early-bird investors.

The event will be held by Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID), the platform where DEFHOLD chose to host its Presale. LID offers investors protection against rug pulls by automatically allocating liquidity into Uniswap pools, which is a much-needed guarantee in the DeFi space.

The token presale will reward investors with a discounted listing price where they can grab 1.56 DEFO for 1 ETH and benefit of presale bonus up to 25%. DEFHOLD will distribute a total of 3,576 DEFO out of a total supply of 12,000 DEFO.

To maintain liquidity levels as high as possible, LID and DEFHOLD have decided to allocate 75% of the raised ETH together with 19.50% of the DEFO tokens into the Uniswap liquidity pools.

The funds will be locked permanently using LID smart contracts, ensuring that participants get an early chance to earn returns on their crypto assets. This process will also alleviate investor fears over any exit scam concerns.

DEFHOLD also plans to distribute tokens to presale investors via airdrops through VIP staking pools setup by Ferrum Network. To be eligible for the airdrops and VIP pools, users will need to buy their DEFO during the presale and not sell them. Since a lot of presale investors are going to stake their DEFO for at least 30 days, the chances of seeing a listing dump with this project are significantly reduced.

Following the launch of the main DEFO pools, users will initially have the option to stake DEFO tokens or farm DEFO/ETH and DEFO/USDT LP tokens.

Moreover, DEFO token holders will soon participate in the fully decentralized DEFHOLD platform’s governance.

They can vote to launch new pools with new tokens, different lock-up periods, and have their say on other proposals related to future developments within the ecosystem.

Implementing Autonomous Yields Generating Strategies

DEFHOLD encourages holders to join and stay within the ecosystem by facilitating them to stake or farm their assets into pools with various pre-defined lock-up periods.

Holders have the option to withdraw their assets from the liquidity pools before the term of the lock-up period by applying an early withdrawal fee (EWF). Some holders will likely choose this option due to liquidity requirements or market moves fears.

The EWF will serve as the first revenue stream for pool members who have accurately managed their portfolio and own liquidity requirements.

Investors who prudently manage their portfolio allocation will be able to stay within the selected pool until the end of the lock-up period and avoid paying any EWF. Such investors are rewarded with a share of the EWF from the individuals who withdraw their funds prematurely.

An additional revenue stream for investors will be created by applying a 2% transfer fee on every DEFO token transfer. This fee will also be redistributed to stakers and farmers.

These two mechanisms on the DEFHOLD network generate continuous yields to stakers and farmers in a non-inflationary manner while promoting a robust community of long-term token holders.

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