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Is Gold a Safe Investment?

Gold has been a valuable commodity for centuries. It has been used in trade as a currency as well as a symbol of power and wealth. The ability of gold to retain its value and its versatility have made it one of the most attractive commodities to invest in. When seeking advice on diversifying your investments, you may be told to put some of your money in gold because it is one of the safest investments out there. But, why exactly is gold a safe investment?

Why is Gold a Safe Investment?

Gold is regarded as a safe investment due to its ability to hold its value over time. Even when other commodity prices are going down, gold has always remained resilient meaning that investors are unlikely to lose all their money when they invest in gold.

Gold’s attractiveness is also due to its ability to recover its value after an economic downturn. Gold seems to act differently from other commodities and investment options because it often goes against economic swings and stock market downturns where you expect the price of commodities and stocks to crash and follow the same path as the market.

Low Volatility

Although volatility has always been present in all investments, gold is not as volatile as other commodities and that is why it has been used to help hedge against this volatility. Due to its ability to hold its price and to continue increasing in value over the long term, gold has been used to hedge against inflation. When included in a portfolio as a way to hedge against inflation, gold can protect high-risk assess classes from high or extreme volatility.

Investing in Gold

Seeing as gold is a safe investment that can be used to store wealth for a long time as well as help an investor hedge their high-risk investments against inflation, you might be wondering how you too can invest in gold. There are several ways you can do this.

The first one is buying physical gold. This can be in the form of gold bullions or gold nuggets.  You can purchase high-quality gold from sellers like Nuggets by Grant. Nuggets by Grant sources gold from Canada, Alaska and Australia to ensure the best prices for the buyer. As for gold bullions, you can purchase them from a precious metal dealer or a brokerage pr bank in rare cases.

Since owning physical gold comes with challenges such as storage and finding the right insurance, the other option is to purchase gold funds. These funds function the same as stock and can be bought and sold in the same way. These funds can help you invest in gold bullion shares.

The last option, and arguably the riskiest, is purchasing gold futures options. These features are used when you think the price of gold will go up or down. If you guess wrong, you end up losing the premium you had to enter the futures contract.


Gold is one of the most attractive investment options due to how safe it is. Additionally, gold can be more than an asset or investment option because it can also be used to protect your other investment. Because of the relative ease of investing in gold, there is no reason why you should not diversify your portfolio using this commodity.

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