Is it True that Teen girls are less active than boys?

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We received a new report from the World health organization about Teen girls and boys. The reports show that Teen girls are less active than boys. In Canada, the researchers say that Teen girls are not strong physically. In a survey, they checked all the girls through different activities. Then they give their statement about Teenage girls.

According to the Canada Survey: In 2016, we found 70.5% of boys between the ages of 11 and 17. They failed to meet the physical activity guidelines. It is defined as at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-intense activity every day. While the girls are 82% less active than boys. This comparison shows that girls are physically weak than the same age of boys. There we found a 12% gap among them.

Teenage girls aren’t meeting physical activity guidelines

Similarly, we estimated 2001 to 2016; there is no more difference between girls than boys. It clearly shows that boys seemed to become more active. Whereas, there was barely any change for girls. However, the senior scientist at the CHEO said, it is not too much difference. Dr. Mark Tremblay says the sex difference is concerning is least. Thus the Canadian Teens are slightly above the world average.

Because the world average is 81% while the Canadian average is 76%. So, this chart shows that Canadian Teens are less active than global Teens, but the difference is short. The worst results are showing by South Korea Teens. Because there only six percent of teens are getting enough activity. Tremblay said a lack of physical activity has severe effects for health. 

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