Itching, ‘Velvety’ Palms turn out to be a Cancer Symptom

In Brazil, a 73-year-old woman’s hand turned out to an unexpected cancer symptom. This Velvety, painful lesions that covered the palms appear on her hand. That shows the cause of itching. It means women have an itchy problem that may cause painful injuries. 

From Sao Paulo, Brazil a woman should go for a checkup to a specialist. Because she has itching problem on her hand. Her hand skin damaged because of itching. Then her specialist told her that this palm itching now turned to be cancer. Recently a New England Journal of Medicine research said to us that this rippled appearance, known as “tripe palms,”. It is lung cancer. 

This condition shows a rare medical. Hence, the specialists named it “tripe” due to the similarities between the ripples in the hands. Therefore, doctors give complete information of the women. They said she was a smoker woman for 30 years. Before going to the doctor, she had lived with a cough for about a year. Similarly, she had also lost 11 pounds over four months.

73-year-old Brazilian woman was diagnosed with lung cancer 

All is that she was not lived in her whole life as an ordinary and healthy person. That’s why lung cancer may cause of all these problems. But those strange marks were caused to worry about the woman. Thus, she was going to a specialist. The marked line on hand associated with cancer, particularly lung and gastric cancer.” The hand marks line should harmful for her. Now she knows that the hand marks lines are dangerous for her. 

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