Justin Trudeau Addresses the Media to Advocates Abortion Rights 

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has started a campaign to support abortion rights. He wants re-election to fulfil his promise to liberals. He shows his conservative, and now advocates are anxious to see the Liberals. Because he wants to see, the liberals turn those words into action.

To addressing with media he said, it is good that we are getting the federal support. While it is not real, but at least the words are supportive. But words are not essential for us when we talk about our lives. Because people’s lives are much meaningful. He told that Olivier Hebert, an LGBTQ2 advocate involved in efforts to save Clinic 554. Because of that Fredericton risk of closing without provincial funding. 

Clinic 554 in Fredericton

It is necessary to save the clinic because the clinic includes abortions among its services. So, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs should protect that clinic. Because it built in his province and he has to save it. It is the duty of the leader to gives all the services that people needed. So, Blaine Higgs has a responsibility to provide a fund to the clinic. 

Trudeau was stressed about abortion rights. Because he said, the provincial government has denied giving fund to the clinic 550. So, the government does not ready to expand its health-care funding to the private clinic. While the clinic provides many services, including surgical abortion procedures. It’s a sentence that held by both Higgs’s Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals. And they governed before them. 

Abortions rights advocates urge Liberals to turn politics into policy

On 15 October Trudeau said, a Liberal government will always defend women’s rights. The women have a lot of benefits from it. Hence, the issue of abortion played a leading role. The role in the federal election campaign is much better. However, anti-abortion views are unpopular and not suitable. It will be interesting to see whether Liberal politics become policy. Sarah Kennell, director of Sexual Health and Rights, said it would also be interesting to see the Trudeau raise the issue. She said i would like to see this in his meetings. Because it is essential to raise the problem in the meetings with opposition leaders this past week. 

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