Medical Schools should deny Applicants to the Objection of Abortion

According to bioethicist, Medical schools should deny the applications of those who object to providing abortion. Hence, they requested all schools to eliminate them because of humanity. It is essential for them because all bioethicists want to promote abortion. They said it is best for the whole nation.

They asked for to eradicate those who would oppose providing medical services over objections to them based on their personal beliefs. Because the Alberta government grappled with a controversial bill. Hence, the law would have allowed health-care providers to refuse to provide medical care. The health-care specialist said if they had no medical care, then how they could save anyone. 

Moreover, this government step makes the nation selfish. If they can’t save a human life, they have no right to protect themselves. So, they have not to take any action about Medicare. Because of the Medicare department have their reasons. It is also unfair to refuse to give the insurance because of the object to it on religious or moral grounds. 

In the starting week of November 2019, backbench MLA Dan Williams with Alberta’s United Conservative Party put forward a proposed law. So, this law would have allowed health-care providers in the province to refuse to provide specific procedures. It means that it would be banned to give the health-care departments. And they have no authority to assisted death, abortion, and prescribing contraception.

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