Presidential candidates clash for Medicare

Again started the U.S. Democratic discussion for Medicare. They all are battling over a “Medicare for All” plan to provide universal. However, it is the top Democratic presidential clash. That is now in discussion in America. Thus, it based on government-run health insurance. 

On Wednesday, some democrats were talking in a program. Then they show that they are worried about health. They said that the Medicare program is from the government. And they are worry because of alienate swing voters who are wary of fully. Hence, the struggle began with disputes over a program. They said that it would difficult to go with health care through Congress. 

Although there are rights to ideological divide this field. So, it is necessary to talk about it as democratically. Hence, they said as a democratic primary contender; we can talk about it. It will not difficult to subjecting prime-time audiences. Thus, prime-time viewers have to often collectively tying themselves in knots over the issue. They have their own decisions to solve te health problems. As many candidates talk as their thoughts. Then, the debate creates critical conditions. Hence, they came at a crucial juncture to give their opinions.

Democrats revive ‘Medicare for All’ fight at Atlanta debate

Now they have less than three months in voting. They were in the platform that hanging them in big questions. It means that they have to reply to all people. That want to get their answers, and then they will choose them on their decisions. So, this discussion was continued in the late night. Then Warren and Sanders told them all the main points. They both are representing the most progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Hence, they defended Medicare for All. Then Sanders saying, “Some of the people up here think we should not take on the insurance agency,” but adding, “I think now is the time.” 

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