President’s Choice coleslaw over possible salmonella 

As we know that the coleslaw is the president’s choice. And there is occurs an issue with coleslaw. Because of some contamination coleslaw recalled over possible salmonella. Canada’s Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recalled it prompted. Therefore, now that agency conducting a food safety investigation. 

The CFIA doing a good job as well. It has provided many more services to the whole food authority. The food agency has a job of checking the food and takes care of human’s health. So, now the agency conducting food safety as well. It is necessary for them because Canada’s resident’s health is in their hands. So, food safety is the first priority. 

There are many areas that purchased the coleslaw such as Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The food agency has to send them their products on Wednesday 4th December 2019. Hence, they sold needy products according to orders. All these products not affected because of this step. 

It also happens that the coleslaw could be found nationwide. Thus, it indicates in the whole country. According to the reports and food agency, the food contaminated with salmonella may not smell or look spoiled. The worst reason is that it can make you sick. It means that it just attack on your health. So, there have been no illnesses reported so far. As they defined the symptoms of salmonella infection. These are such as vomiting, fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. So, it also verified that young children, the elderly and pregnant women are especially susceptible. While the Presidents also like it in his food. But the food authority has recalled it quickly from the President’s food. 

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